Is this a "shopping post"? Are there interesting handicrafts, artwork, antiques, or other items that people typically buy there?

Furniture is cheap, but the wood is not properly dried for a colder dry climate; you have been warned. Tailored clothing is relatively inexpensive. - May 2019

Furniture, tea ware, art, cheap Chinese made goods. Tailored clothes in Hong Kong. - Nov 2018

You can get custom furniture made, but other than that, there isn't much to buy. You'll spend all your money on getting meat without lead or mercury in it. - Nov 2015

Paintings, pottery, pearls and other handicrafts. If you go to Beijing, you can still buy some older, Communist-era propaganda posters and other such things. - Aug 2014

All kinds of stuff from jewelry to decorations, beer and food. - May 2013

High quality items are typically hard to find, but it can be done. Finn's sells well-made modern and antique furniture; Foshan is known for its ceramics; hand-cut paper art and other artisan souvenirs can be found at Chen Clan Academy and other historical sites; and you can buy high-end freshwater pearls at the Yakushi pearl factory. However, the vast majority of items in the many markets across the city are total crap; that said, you should definitely go to all these markets, if nothing else just to see it all! And take recommendations from other expats... while most of the stuff is low-quality, some products are decent, and many expats have already established their favorite 'pearl guy' or 'silverware lady,' so definitely ask others for business cards before venturing out to a market. - Apr 2013

Everything is made here, but a lot of it is crap. You can get pearls, tailor made clothing, electronics, handicrafts, and furniture. - Jan 2013

Nothing I want. Anything of good quality that is made here is exported. The items left here are overpriced and of inferior quality. - Oct 2011

Asian art and furniture - May 2011

Pottery, scrolls, jade, pearls, purses, etc. - Jul 2009

Tailor-made clothes, cheap consumer goods, and of course food. - Jan 2009

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