But don't forget your:

Umbrella, walking shoes, bicycle, and a face mask. - May 2019

Sense of humor. - Nov 2018

Tourist passport. The best thing about this post is bumming around SE Asia and the relatively high hardship differential. - Nov 2015

Positive attitude, Chinese dictionary and haggling skills. - Aug 2014

tissues for the squatty potties --- and hand sanitizer. - May 2013

VPN account (go ahead and get it before you come...you will absolutely need it to access Netflix, Hulu, NY Times, etc.); patience in large crowds; umbrella and rain boots; heavy duty PM 2.5-blocking pollution mask if you aren't willing to risk it (note: you will look like Darth Vader and people will gawk and take lots of photos of you--some people would do that anyways so don't worry too much about it); clothes and shoes, unless you don't mind shopping online--most clothes here are poor quality and are definitely not sized for the Western physique. Any Western brands here will likely be more expensive to buy here than in the US. - Apr 2013

patience - Oct 2011

bug repellent, rain boots, and LOTS of PATIENCE. - May 2011

medicines and sunglasses. - Jul 2009

Air filters and adventurous spirit. Guangzhou can be lonely and isolating or a decent time. Be sure to get out. - Jan 2009

New book from Talesmag! Honest and courageous stories of life abroad with special needs.

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