Are there any particular health concerns? What is the quality of available medical care? What medical conditions typically require medical evacuation?

Don't trust local medical or dental care. Anecdotally, many of the modern clinics have the most advanced equipment, but the employees are clueless on how to utilize or diagnose. Recently, an employee's child went in to have a broken arm x-rayed, and the employee had to show the clinician how to operate the x-ray machine! Head to Hong, Singapore, or Taiwan. - May 2019

Health care is hit or miss. Brand new western-style hospital has just opened, but it has growing pains. Go to Hong Kong for anything serious. People get medevaced a lot. - Nov 2018

Medical care is not great. Go to HK unless your life is in danger. Chinese doctors are notoriously bad. HK is plenty close enough to get to when you need an opinion from someone who knows what they are talking about. For anything serious you'll be on medevac to Singapore. - Nov 2015

See my comments about pollution, which is severe and absolutely impacts your health while you're there. Tuberculosis is endemic to China, and two people contracted it while I was there. Other people I knew discovered health problems upon their return to the States, usually due to contamination of the food and water supply. Most of the potential health problems are things that will come up long-term, as opposed to manifesting while you're there. For medical care, there are a couple of clinics with foreign-trained doctors, but for anything very serious, you'll need to go to Hong Kong. The medical unit was severely under par while I was there- there was one Chinese nurse and one EFM nurse, and they did their best, but they simply didn't have the facilities to handle much beyond the most basic problems. This may have changed with the NCC move. There are regular Regional Medical Officer visits, but those appointments get booked up very quickly. - Aug 2014

Air pollution has a palpable negative effect on many people's health. Medical care is quite good. - May 2013

Let's see...bird flu, pollution effects on the body (I have friends whose kids get bronchitis easily from being outside all the time), food safety concerns (e.g. ingesting fake meat) and general concerns that come with being in a very crowded city whose population has generally poor hygiene habits. There are two western-style clinics in the city: United Family and Eur-Am. For any major issues, consulate employees and their families are medevac'd to Singapore; Hong Kong is also a good option for major issues. - Apr 2013

Not great for people with health issues, due to the pollution and lack of western-quality medical facilities. Most people visit the doctor/dentist in Hong Kong. - Jan 2013

I would NEVER go to a Chinese hospital or doctor. The consulate nurse has terrible English skills. If I am sick/injuried I am going to Hong Kong on the train (2 hour trip). Some people insist the medical care is great here, however as you will see, the Chinese seem to lack attention to detail, follow up, follow through, and quality control. I would never put my life in the hands of a Chinese hospital or doctor. - Oct 2011

There are two urgent-care clinics that we've had success with, they have western-trained doctors. For anything really serious you're advised to go to Hong Kong. - May 2011

Again, a mixed bag. You can buy meds, but I have no idea if they are real. There are several clinics that are good for common problems, but anyone with serious medical issues goes to Hong Kong to get treated. - Jul 2009

The pollution is the big one. There's also the constant concern about another epidemic in this part of the world. Medical care is available, but for anything big most people go to Hong Kong. - Jan 2009

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