What are some typical ways to socialize, either with local people or with other expatriates? Are there groups or clubs that you can recommend?

Get out and explore, walk the city, get out of the cocoon of the high end districts. People are friendly, and food options are mind-boggling. - May 2019

Dinner parties, birthday parties for the kids. Honestly, a lot of people get out of town on the weekends and go to HK or somewhere else. - Nov 2015

Travel, go to the markets to buy pearls, pottery or other crafts, get together for game nights, go out for hot pot or other dinner options with friends or to trivia night at one of the local expat bars. Some people played in a band while I was there, which they really enjoyed. Groups of ELOs organized day-long boat trips out of Hong Kong several times, where you rent a boat, bring your own food and booze, go out to the islands and spend the day swimming. The positive side of Guangzhou is that you're making a good differential, and things like eating out aren't very expensive, so it's very easy to make your own fun. The huge ELO community is one of the best things about the post, I think. - Aug 2014

Lots! - May 2013

It's what you make it. There is a big group of junior officers who are always going out to dinner, trips to Hong Kong or elsewhere, and concerts, you can get involved with. - Jan 2013

Bars and clubs. - Oct 2011

Bars, clubs, restaurants, massage, shopping, Hong Kong. - Jul 2009

It centers around eating, but there are also English language movies, decent bars, lots of shopping, and lots of other activities. It's only about two hours to Hong Kong and there are endless things to do there. - Jan 2009

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