Morale among expats:

Quite good, although some things bother people more than others, like aggressive security services, air pollution, apparent rudeness of Chinese people. But I'd say it's generally quite good. - May 2013

I think it's just average. It's hard to get a vibe for the morale as a group because everyone is so spread out. - Apr 2013

As with any post, it varies, and people will always complain about something. Overall I think the morale is pretty high, given the large number of young people and the constant activities. - Jan 2013

Some love it, some hate it. - Oct 2011

Some people love it, some hate it, I think the most common feeling is that there certainly are some bad and annoying things, but it's overall not a horrible place and living here for 2-3 years isn't too bad. - May 2011

Again, mixed bag. Guangzhou is ok, just boring. - Jul 2009

Decent. Pollution is the biggest complaint. - Jan 2009

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