English-language newspapers and TV available? Cost?

You can easily buy English-language versions of the Chinese gov't crap that's sold as news, but as for English-language newspapers from abroad, I don't know. Most housing comes with satellite TV with a handful of English stations--NatGeo, AXN, StarWorld, CNN, BBC. I think most people go online for news and entertainment. - Apr 2013

The consulate has AFN, but you can stream most things online as long as you have a VPN. - Jan 2013

South China Morning Post from Hong Kong is sometimes available, but it is hard to find. it is about a dollar. - Oct 2011

If you live above the consulate, you have access to AFN, which has many stations from the US. If you live at Oakwood, you get the grab-bag of languages: Chinese, Japanese, English, French... there are a few stations from Australia. - Jul 2009

Those in the consulate building have AFN.The local satellite package includes HBO, CNN, BBC, ESPN Asia, and Star (a Hong Kong network). - Jan 2009

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