What English-language religious services are available locally?

For Christians, there are Catholic and LDS services for sure, and I think some Protestant services, as well. For Jews, there's a Chabad locally, although the primary language of interaction there is Hebrew, and the word is that it's not super welcoming, in part because of language barriers and in part because it's really geared towards the transient, Israeli business population that floods the city a few times a year for the Canton Fairs. It's also Orthodox, so if that's not what you're into, you're kind of out of luck. There are both Orthodox and Liberal Jewish congregations in Hong Kong; the Liberal community in particular is very warm and welcoming to people coming down from Guangzhou, although you usually need to make a weekend of it if you're going for Shabbat or holiday services. - Aug 2014

Yes, Christian denominations. - May 2013

I have heard that there are English language services for Protestants, Catholics and Mormons. There may be services for other religions as well, but I do not know about them. - Apr 2013

I am told there is an English mass at the catholic church, but I have never been there. - Oct 2011

Yes, I know of two English-language churches, one is Catholic I believe. - Jul 2009

There are several Christian churches in town. I'm not sure which denominations are represented. Other religions might have a tough time. - Jan 2009

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