Is this a good city for single people? For couples? For families? Why or why not?

Up to you to make it work. If you're willing to get out, you'll find lots of options. - May 2019

Challenges for all, and it takes creativity and patience. You will be put in housing dependent on your situation and be with similar people. - Nov 2018

I think it's a better city for couples and families. Based on what I hear at work, I think singles have a tougher time meeting others. There's a pretty sizable expat population in the general area, but far more concentrated in HK and Shenzhen. - Nov 2015

I think it depends a lot on what you make of it. Generally, I'd say good for all, although as mentioned earlier, I would have real concerns about exposing kids to the environmental issues (food safety, air and water pollution, et cetera) in China for a prolonged period. I think anyone can find a way to enjoy themselves here, but life in China can be frustrating and difficult at times. Single women tend to be really frustrated in terms of the dating scene (or, more accurately, complete absence thereof), and while single men have way more dating options, there are a host of potential issues that come with dating locally if you're working for the USG. That being said, there's a huge ELO community at post that are active and do all kinds of activities, and particularly in the Consular section, I made a lot of close friendships there. That alone made the tour worth it for me. - Aug 2014

It is good for all of the above. Something for everyone. - May 2013

If you are single or a couple without kids, and you like to go out a lot, then you will find the nightlife great...there are tons of bars and clubs from which to choose. If you have school-aged children, then you also may find Guangzhou seems there are lots of activities for school-aged children, and these families seem to have a close bond with other families, both within and outside the consulate community. I think couples who aren't into the bar/club scene and those with small children have the biggest challenge finding a 'niche' in this huge city, with frankly little to do except go out to eat and drink. - Apr 2013

This city is great for both families and young couples. There are tons of young people here, so there are things going on almost every night. For single women it can be a little difficult if you are looking to date. Single men will have no problem if they don't mind dating the locals. - Jan 2013

For families: pretty good. Domestic help can be had pretty cheap and the school seems to be goodCouples: i feel like it would be the worst. Unless you like to shop all the time there is very little to do. Singles: many night clubs and bars. they are filled with locals and a variety of expats. - Oct 2011

For families, it's not the most stroller-friendly city, with narrow or uneven sidewalks, and sometimes you're stuck using stairs (no escalators, ramps, etc.).It's not awful either, but it's not as convenient as the U.S.Without a car, it is significantly more of a hassle to try to do things with a small child. Couples without kids can get out and about easily -- there are a lot of good restaurants and hang-out places in the city and interesting places to go see in the surrounding area. Single guys looking for romance will have no trouble; single ladies may have a harder time. There are a half dozen or so good expat bars, plus all the 5-star hotels' bars, and a street along the river with several clubs. - May 2011

Guangzhou has some bars, restaurants, and nightclubs that singles visit frequently. Families don't have much to do here, except walk around a crowded park or play on the playground or pool at Oakwood. Couples can go out to eat, shop at malls or at crowded Chinese markets. - Jul 2009

Good for families and couples. It can be a little rough on singles given the peculiarities of dating in China, but I'd still think there's more good than bad. - Jan 2009

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