Nairobi - Post Report Question and Answers

What volunteer opportunities are available locally?

Lots of options: we worked with a local orphanage but you can find opportunities through the CLO or other expats. - Aug 2023

Lots! - Mar 2022


Lots of opportunities around. - Nov 2020

Many: orphanages, church-based, etc. - Dec 2018

It's bountiful. Orphanages, schools, animal shelters, you name it. We even have some friends who volunteered to pain the local police station. If volunteering is your jam, you're coming to the right place. - Dec 2018

There are many places to volunteer. However, research opportunities carefully. - Jun 2018

There are many children's homes in the area which always welcome people willing to help. - Jul 2016

Little. In UN and NGOs - Sep 2015

Many at orphanages from what I have heard - Aug 2015

Tons of volunteer opportunities. Orphanages, clinics, wildlife protection, all the usual things too. - Jul 2015

More than enough....Local Schools/Orphanages are everywhere. - May 2015

Plenty I am sure ... orphanages and slum projects. - Dec 2014

Many I'm sure. - Jun 2014

Lots of orphanage help, working in the slums. If you have a skill like nursing or something then I bet there is a lot you can do to help. - Jun 2014

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