Nairobi - Post Report Question and Answers

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Don't let the negativities of housing scare you away, it really is a wonderful post! - Mar 2024

Overall, I loved my time in Kenya. It got to be too much for reasons that would not affect most people. Kenya will always have a place in my heart. - Aug 2021

Though we are excited to leave post, we have thoroughly enjoyed our time in Kenya. We can't say the same for our time with the U.S. State Department, but when I compartmentalize it, it's not hard to see that the positives of living in Nairobi far outweigh the negative. This is a magical place and well worth a two or three year commitment. If you're looking for a high-quality African post, look no further. This is where you want to be. - Dec 2018

It is an incredible place if you go with an open mind and a lot of patience. - Jun 2018

At first, the haggling, the navigation of roads, and the poverty can be very distressing. Kenyan life is often heartbreaking and stressful. The local news media is often questionable. The government is corrupt. But, Kenya is wild and beautiful and worth all of the challenges. - Jul 2016

Corruption shows itself everywhere - police, merchants, anywhere a bribe may get you "better" service, or any service at all. This is not an exaggeration. Lying is also commonplace. You'll do well to expect it and not get your feelings hurt. Kenyans remember EVERYTHING. They'll know your name even if you only met them once at a function 8 months ago. They will remember how you take your coffee after the first time you order. This is really nice! - Jul 2015

Nairobi is just like any other big city; however, its infrastructure has not kept up with the growth. Traffic is bad when heading into or out of the city center. Going to or from the airport takes anywhere from 35 minutes to 2 hours. There is police corruption. Prices at any open air market doubles for white people and foreigners. You must bargain for everything. Cut the price in half and start from there. If you are stern and walk away, vendors will generally fold. - May 2015

Great duty station, you can get spoiled here because of the climate and because once settled, life can be quite easy and comfortable. Great for young kids because they can be outdoors so much. Great place for friends and family to come visit as many nice facilities that cater to the tourist industry. - Dec 2014

Nairobi is a fabulous tour. Take it if the opportunity presents itself. - Jul 2013

Nairobi is a large, chaotic African city and living here can be challenging. My personal opinion is that you simply must venture outside what the Embassy has to offer and make other friends/acquaintances to keep yourself sane. - Dec 2011

This is a terrific, beautiful place to live. It is very poor, but the people are incredibly nice. The corruption of the government makes me sad, since Kenyan could be fabulous if their leaders would actually lead. - Jul 2009

You'll have fun, just know it's dangerous. Tons of people say nothing has ever happened to me, and then it does. On the other hand don't let it keep you from seeing the country, but if a local says it's dangerous you better listen. - Jun 2008

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