Nairobi - Post Report Question and Answers

What have been the highlights of your time in this country? Best trips or experiences?

It was relatively easy to live here, but the community did not seem welcoming of diverse people. We took one trip in country, to Baobab Resort in Diani, and it was terrible (overpriced and underwhelming). I had lived in Kenya before this tour so I had already done the safaris and most experiences that people do while posted here. Other than those kinds of trips, there isn’t much to do. However, there are good daily outdoor options like Karura Forest for biking, running, or hiking. - Aug 2023

Safaris, trips to the beach. - Mar 2022

Safari and the Kenyan coast and access to nature. - Aug 2021

So many wonderful trips in Kenya and in the region. Go to Lamu if you can. Maasai Mara is all that. - Apr 2021

Going on safaris is great but they are incredibly expensive even at the resident rate and not something you can do every weekend. Otherwise, it can be a really boring place with little to do. Once you have been on safari and to the elephant orphanage, there isn't much else to do on an average weekend. - Nov 2020

Safaris with amazing wildlife. Pretty beaches and very nice people. - Dec 2018

Kenya is the jewel of Africa. The safaris here are the best in the world, and worth the high costs. Our trip to the Masai Mara was hands down one of the most memorable moments we've had while living overseas. The great Africans plains are breathtaking. We've also enjoyed our trips to Amboseli, Mt. Kenya, Diani Beach, Chale Island, Nanyuki, Naivasha, Ol Pejeta, Hell's Gate, Crescent Island, Nairobi National Park and more. And we didn't tackle everything we wanted to in-country, let alone in sub-Saharan Africa. There is plenty here to fill your long weekends and R&Rs. - Dec 2018

The land and the people. Kenya is a beautiful place with extremely warm hospitality. The wildlife and landscape is breathtaking. You also learn a lot here about living life slowly and having patience. It has been an incredible incredible experience and my family and I are so grateful! - Jun 2018

There are great natural experiences to be had. Nairobi National Park is a perfect introduction to the game drive experience. Further afield, hiking, rock climbing, and safaris are the best in the world. The beaches are gorgeous and tour and resort operations are top notch. - Jul 2016

Nice weather.The seaside. - Sep 2015

Getting out of the city regularly to experience wildlife, we're never bored! - Aug 2015

Safaris in multiple areas of Kenya. Especially Masaai Mara, Samburu. You can see the big 5 (elephant, lion, leopard, rhino, buffalo) inside a few hours, easily. You have to get out of town often to maintain your equilibrium. The CLO's office organizes LOTs of trips and day-excursion. Take advantage! - Jul 2015

City Park Market is a great place to shop for fruit and veggies. Prices are much better than the supermarkets around town. During the summer, you can buy fresh mangoes for around US$1 a kilo. Avacados are available year round and usually cost US$1-2 per kilo. The national parks are unbelievable. Take advantage of the area while you are here. - May 2015

Trips to the coast and game parks, enjoying the nice year round good climate. - Dec 2014

Safaris, great weather, nice people. - Jun 2014

Safaris in the Masai Mara. Weekends at the Indian Ocean, flying on tiny little 8 seater planes. - Jun 2014

Definitely some of the safaris - we have really liked Amboseli and went more than once already. - Mar 2014

Safaris, visiting Mount Kenya and trips to the coast. Nairobi isn't the most exciting city but it is a great starting point for more exciting destinations. The Masai Mara, Tsavo, Samburu country, Lamu, Zanzibar, Mount Kenya. The list goes on and on. You can "tour" Nairobi in a weekend or two. Visit the elephant orphanage, adopt an orphaned elephant (allowing you "bedtime" visits), feed the giraffes, visit the Karen Blixen house, hike the Ngong Hills, hike Mt Longnot, visit a tea plantation. - Jul 2013

Definitely the great migration in the Masai Mara. - Jun 2013

Lots of safari, weekends at the Indian Ocean, trips to Zanzibar, swimming with whale sharks. - Dec 2012

SAFARI! Nothing compares to the experience of seeing elephants or lions in the wild -- or camping under the African sky. Plus there is hiking up a nearby volcano in the Rift Valley and rock climbing. - Aug 2012

The vacations, friends we've made and the availability of household help - Dec 2011

Enjoyed safaris, visiting the coast. - Dec 2011

Visiting Masai Mara, spending time in Lamu. - Sep 2011

the beaches (short flight away), safaris, but it is all expensive - Dec 2010

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