Nairobi - Post Report Question and Answers

What are the particular advantages of living in this city?

Nairobi is a hidden gem: it's a hardship post that's really not that hard. You can be in a city with easy access to good medical care, plentiful groceries, and lots of community while also being a couple hours away from nature, beauty, and breathing space. This was an excellent first post for our family. - Mar 2024

It’s not easy to get to or to fly to other places. However, the weather is fantastic and it’s easy to find good, fresh produce and basically any other kind of food. It’s also nice to have green space in the middle of the city and to be able to go on a mini-safari / see animals close by. - Aug 2023

Cheap household help. Cheaper cost of living, safaris, excellent weather. Excellent schools. - Mar 2022

Great weather, multi-cultural, great food, and the tech hub of Africa. - Aug 2021

Weather. - Nov 2020

The natural beauty is the biggest advantage to living in Nairobi. Kenyans are extremely friendly, warm and very outgoing. It's been such a pleasure getting to spend time here and meeting so many nice people.

The amount of outdoor activities, travel and exploration are through the roof. And though it's rather expensive to fly within Africa, you will have access to get pretty much anywhere in-continent from JKIA, the local international airport. - Dec 2018

It is ultimately an international city that brings sooo many people together from all walks of life. - Jun 2018

The beautiful weather, the hospitality of the people, and the beauty of the natural landscapes make Nairobi wonderful. The availability of household help is also a great boon. - Jul 2016

Weather is nice, but there is no culture whatsoever. Nothing to do really. Some restaurants and bars in Nairobi and you quickly get bored of them. Going to safari is good but after 3-4 of these and you don want to see any more lines or elephants. Food is very expensive. Restaurants and taxi services are overpriced. Traffic is horrible. - Sep 2015

Very modern city, great weather, can find anything you want here (if you are willing to pay for it). Safaris and self-camping opportunities exist and the diversity of flora and fauna are amazing. - Aug 2015

Amazing things to do outside of Nairobi. Amazing fruits/vegetables. Mangoes to die for. Weather is excellent. This is what I'll miss the most. - Jul 2015

Cuture, Access to fresh fruit and veggies, saving money, Safari, weather. - May 2015

Great climate, able to have a house and garden when living in the suburbs, beautiful country, easy to organise trips to the coast or game parks. - Dec 2014

Safaris, great weather, nice people. - Jun 2014

Fantastic weather pretty much every single day, wonderful housing, "the trip of a lifetime" safaris all the time! - Jun 2014

The weather in Nairobi is phenomenal and the safaris and beaches are nice. - Mar 2014

Touring, housing and weather. A tour in Nairobi provides a once in a lifetime opportunity for safaris and access to the rest of Africa. Housing is spacious with gardens. The weather is perfect. Generally blue skies and zero humidity with just enough chilly days to feel like you aren't missing out. - Jul 2013

Safaris and beaches with great year round weather. - Jun 2013

The weather is amazing. Never too hot, sometimes bordering on cold, due to the high altitude. Kenya is a top destination for safari, and there are endless things to explore in the country and its neighbors -- if you have the time and patience. - Dec 2012

Great weather! 50's to 70's every day. "Winter" is basically 3 degrees cooler than "summer," with swimming year-round. The safaris are worth the awful roads. There is good camping, and cheap resident rates for the game parks ($6-$12 per person plus car). We hear good things about the beaches, too. Good city sites to experience for you and your visitors from the States include the elephant orphanage, Kenyan tribal dance shows, handicraft making, etc. The U.S. Embassy is conveniently located near shopping, movie theater, and malls. - Aug 2012

The Masai Mara and other safari destinations, the Kenyan coast, getting a taste of "real" Africa, but not too much. - Dec 2011

Fabulous weather! Mostly warm, with enough snuggle-in-a-sweater-days to pretend it gets cold. Very affordable household help is great, too. - Dec 2011

The amazing safari opportunities are probably the highlight of living in Kenya. Also, the warm water beaches of the Indian Ocean are another special highlight. - Sep 2011

perfect weather nearly every day, inexpensive domestic help, wildlife - Dec 2010

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