Nairobi - Post Report Question and Answers

Knowing what you know now, would you still move to this city?

Yes, we would. We love it here and would consider coming back one day. - Mar 2024

There are lots of good things about it but I think 2.5 years was enough for me. - Aug 2023

Yes. - Mar 2022

Maybe. For us, a big part of why we left had to do with targeted security concerns tied to my husband's job. It would be a very specific security concern. As for the practicalities, it would be easier to set things up a second time. - Aug 2021

No. - Nov 2020

Yes, the opportunity of a lifetime for amazing trips and a nice/welcoming school have been our main drivers here. - Dec 2018

Yes. I've said it before - Nairobi is the jewel of Africa. It's the cradle of life. It's natural beauty, warm people, wonderful's easy to fall in love with Kenya. It's an emotional place, it gets into your bones and pulls at your heartstrings.

Understand that this isn't Prague or Barcelona. It's not Tokyo or Seoul. Things here don't work quite the way they do in other parts of the world. Though Nairobi is certainly the place to be in Africa, it's still very rough around the edges, both literally and figuratively. It's hard not to see the corruption and poverty and wonder what could be. But as it is, it's still a wonderful place. Kenya will always hold a special place in my life. - Dec 2018

Yes! My family and I have grown up a lot here! - Jun 2018

Absolutely. Nairobi offers a chance to reevaluate necessities, to escape the west's obsession with efficiency, and to truly experience humility. - Jul 2016

No. Not again. Two years is more than enough! - Sep 2015

In a heart beat!!!! - Aug 2015

Yes - Jul 2015

Yes - May 2015

Yes. - Dec 2014

No. If not for the worsening terrorism situation and the crime, my answer would be yes. However, as I mentioned,, the growing number of terrorist attacks and threats is a real cause for concern. - Jun 2014

Definitely. - Jun 2014

No. The security situation is getting worse and the political situation is deteriorating. I would not take a small child to Nairobi unless you are prepared to mainly stay in your house or go to others' houses for your entire tour. Nairobi is expensive, and you do not get much in return for that expense. It is not a particularly nice city and there is not that much to see. After six months you get very bored. - Mar 2014

YES. We love it here. I'll be sad to leave. - Jul 2013

Absolutely! Loved it and would take another assignment there in a heartbeat. - Jun 2013

No. It's been very, very frustrating and stressful living here (culturally), despite all the wonderful tourist opportunities. I don't think my family is cut out for sub-Saharan Africa. - Dec 2012

Yes! (As if we had a choice?) It has been a great experience -- it's what you make of it. - Aug 2012

Yes, I would, but I admit that saving money is a part of it. You can find friends here and you may find them in the Embassy, but this is not some homey little African post. That said, we have made some good friends and there are great people here. The Kenyans are by and large nice people, hard working and honest. I am enjoying getting to know them. - Dec 2011

Definitely. This is especially a great place for families -- though if you don't have a vehicle it can be isolating. I'm glad we have two years here. . . Some people say that Nairobi is "Africa lite." That's fine by me. I've enjoyed it, glad we've been here, and really don't have any plans to live long-term in Africa. On the other hand, we know NGO people and missionaries who have been here decades, love it, and consider it to be "home" more than the US. - Dec 2011

I think so. I am a bit disappointed, but it is not a bad post. You can't beat the weather, the housing, or the avocados! But you can get tired of the corruption, the driving, the poverty, the security concerns and the costs, and it can be surprisingly isolated here. - Dec 2010

Yes. - Dec 2009

In a heartbeat. I wish I could stay longer than two years. - Jul 2009

Sure. It's a great place to live for a little bit. It's easy to see why people come and stay but the government doesn't care about it's people only their own pocket books and the politicians always have their hands out from the international community. - Jun 2008

Probably not. We are glad we came and experienced Kenya but find much of the expat community rather closed off to newcomers and day-to-day life can be boring. We'd like to like it a lot more than we do. - Feb 2008

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