Nairobi - Post Report Question and Answers

Are qualified veterinarians and/or good kennel services available? Do animals need to be quarantined upon entry to the country? Are there other considerations regarding pets that are particular to this country?

Quarantine is not required, and there are a couple of good vets here. We've been happy with Dr. Cockar. Taking a cat into Kenya can be confusing, so ensure you thoroughly understand where the cat can go. Only some airlines allow the cats to be brought in-cabin, but it's not always clear on the US side. Also, litter boxes and good litter are strangely hard to find; I recommend mailing yourself a litter box a week or two before you are due to arrive so you have it on hand. - Mar 2024

Yes. - Mar 2022

Yes, there are great vets, but you have to seek them out. There are a lot of vets who aren't good. Same goes for kennels. I didn't bring our dogs to Kenya - we got them in Kenya. So I can't speak about import. Although, I know my friend did not need to quarantine his dog when coming from the EU. - Aug 2021

Yes, good vets at a good price. - Dec 2018

Yes, we like our vet very much. We see Dr. Z.A. Cockar off of Rosslyn Lone Tree, and he's been wonderful with our cat. Dr. Cockar is well-trained, professional and respectful. Highly recommended. - Dec 2018

There is no quarantine on cats and dogs, and we've found a few highly recommended vets in Nairobi. There are kennels and groomers, and most gardeners take on daily dog walking duty as part of their job.

Getting animals into the country is somewhat different than we'd seen in the past as far as airlines go. We had to use a freight importation company when coming from the U.S. due to local regulations. - Jul 2016

Don't know about quarantine, but I don't think they do. There are several vets that are recommended and we have one that makes housecalls and is reasonably priced. - Aug 2015

They don't need to be quarantined but they are required to be shipped in cargo, so processing them in can take a very long time (after they've already endured a long flight.) There are good vets here. - Jul 2015

No, pet care is available and good. - May 2015

No, you just need the right paperwork. Good vets available. - Dec 2014

No, but we found a pet shipper to be helpful. - Jul 2013

No. But they do need to be cleared as cargo even if on the same flight as you. That doesn't mean they have to be shipped as cargo. They just have to be cleared as cargo. Get with GSO -- they have tons of experience with pets and can help. Don't forget to get an import permit as well. - Jun 2013

No, but work closely with GSO. - Dec 2011

No quarantine. - Sep 2011

No. - Dec 2009

No. - Jul 2009

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