Nairobi - Post Report Question and Answers

How do you send and receive your letters and package mail? Are local postal facilities adequate?

DPO/Pouch. It could be slow at times but usually we’d get things within three weeks. - Aug 2023

Embassy: though packages often seem to get lost in the Chicago sorting center. - Mar 2022

There is no home mail delivery. If you are not with an embassy, forget about getting mail. You can send mail, but getting it is a hassle. You will need to create a PO Box. This is easy enough. However, you'll find a lot of your mail stolen. Don't get packages sent via mail. For important things, we used DHL to have sent to my husband's office. FedEx got lost a lot. DHL was on the ball. - Aug 2021

I did not have DPO. I could have gotten a post office box, but I never bothered. It would have been expensive and pretty uncertain to send anything beyond a letter. - Apr 2021

DPO. - Nov 2020

We use DPO or pouch. - Dec 2018

We use the embassy's DPO. We typically receive Amazon packages in seven to fourteen days (on average). - Dec 2018

We use DPO exclusively. - Jun 2018

I have no experience with local post, as we have an embassy mail service. I can say that there is no home delivery of mail in Kenya, though. I would imagine that the services offered at post offices are questionable, given the rampant graft in country. - Jul 2016

No package mail. It is a pain. - Sep 2015

Through the Embassy. - Aug 2015

DPO is great - just got an award for being the "best DPO in the world" or something, and it is a high-volume mail post. Pouch is OK but takes much longer. - Jul 2015

DPO is great. - May 2015

Difficult; I have had several cases where packages did not arrive, and when they do, you often have to pay taxes on the contents. It's best to send mail with someone coming to Kenya. - Dec 2014

DPO. - Jun 2014

DPO - Jun 2014

Pouch and DPO - DPO sometimes arrives in a week! - Mar 2014

DPO. - Jul 2013

DPO or pouch. - Jun 2013

DPO. - Dec 2012

DPO. - Aug 2012

DPO - Dec 2011

Through the embassy mail room. Very difficult to mail/get packages if you are with an NGO or nonprofit. It is easiest to have things brought with visitors. - Dec 2011

Embassy. - Dec 2010

APO now, but it's changing to more restrictive DPO in the fall. - Jul 2009

Good luck. Everything gets stolen. Corruption in all service providers is prevalent. Use DHL if you can but even then, good luck. - Jun 2008

You don't! We have had several experiences of mail sent through the normal post never arriving but that does not always happen. DHL or FedEx are your best bet. - Feb 2008

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