Nairobi - Post Report Question and Answers

What kinds of gyms or other sports/workout facilities are available? Are they expensive?

The embassy and the Grove both have a gym. There are also Crossfit facilities and larger gyms at the local malls. - Mar 2024

There are a couple of good gyms around town but I just used the Embassy’s. - Aug 2023

Some gyms around the city. - Mar 2022

Fitness is expensive - similar to NY prices. There are lots of gyms, barre studios, yoga studios, pilates, and CrossFit. There are also a lot of private personal trainers who come to your home. Mountain biking is also big. Some people do road cycling, but I would not recommend that. - Aug 2021

There are a couple of gyms in Westlands, and a few by the Embassy, also several in other parts of the city. Some of them are more basic and others are huge and high-end. There is a Cross-fit right behind the Embassy. I'd say on average they are more expensive than gyms in the US. - Apr 2021

Lots of choices, can be pricey. - Nov 2020

Available at various prices. - Dec 2018

There is a small gym at the embassy. I've never used it, though I've heard it's okay. There is also a gym at Village Market that's huge and looks pretty rad. When we priced it out, it compares to the monthly gym costs you'd find in the U.S. - Dec 2018

There is a Gym located in the US Embassy and also the UN. A CrossFit is located directly behind the embassy. A huge gym has also recently opened in Village Market. However, all around the city there are an endless number of gyms and running clubs. - Jun 2018

There are gyms at most embassies and the United Nations that are low in cost and adequate. Additionally, most compounds have pools.

There are several league options for basketball, ice hockey, and the like, as well as horseback riding in many locations around town. - Jul 2016

Yes. Expensive - Sep 2015

I think the UN and Embassy have some, but I don't use them so I don't know anything much about them. - Aug 2015

Yes. A minimal but OK gym in the American Embassy and right across the street at the U.N. a fabulous facility with large pool; they offer paid memberships. Many private gyms too but you'll find them on a par with American gyms as far as price goes. - Jul 2015

The embassy gym is fine. You can purchase a membership at the U.N. gym. - May 2015

Yes. UN and others. Expensive. - Jun 2014

I use the UN which is expensive, but nice. The embassy has a little free gym if you aren't picky. - Jun 2014

The Embassy has a small, but very smelly, gym. The UN across the street has a very nice gym, but it's fairly pricy. - Mar 2014

The Embassy has a small gym that is sufficient. Many people run outside or exercise at home. There is a nice Pilates studio a ways from the Embassy and you can find private instructors for just about anything. - Jul 2013

Yes. At the embassy and the UN. - Jun 2013

Yes, several. The UN gym is pretty good. - Dec 2012

Yes, at the U.S. Embassy or the UN. UN has an olympic-size outdoor heated pool, soccer fields, basketball courts, tennis courts, ample workout facilities, aerobics/yoga/dance classes, kids' playground, and cafe. Membership can be pricy, but day passes ($12) are available. Rosslyn Academy track is open for use, and lots of people walk/jog at Karura Forest. - Aug 2012

The Embassy has a decent gym, the UN has a gym and there are commercial gyms available. - Dec 2011

Yes. - Dec 2011

Yes, there are good options for an African post. - Dec 2010

There is a gym at the embassy. - Jul 2009

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