Nairobi - Post Report Question and Answers

What are some interesting/fun things to do in the area? Can you recommend any “hidden gems"?

Not much is hidden, all the expands will tell you all the fun spots they like to go to and you’ll see them there basically every weekend. - Aug 2023

Karur forest, lots of day trips and hiking. Easier driving once outside Nairobi. - Mar 2022

Kite surfing in Diani Hiking Mountain biking Weekends in Naivasha - Aug 2021

Without question, the best and most memorable event was going to the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. DSWT is world-famous for their elephant orphanage. It's amazing to spend time with these little elephants as they devour bottles of milk and play around with their co-horts.

Kiambethu Tea Farm is a lovely weekend outing. As is a quick stop in to the Karen Blixen House. There is also the giraffe sanctuary, which is a few minutes down the road from DSWT. Hitting happy hour at Lord Erroll is a lovely way to enjoy some sun-downers. There are tons of pop-up markets throughout the year, and I'd highly recommend checking a few of these out while in Nairobi, especially the Christmas Box in Karen.

By and large, Nairobi isn't like Rome or Paris. There isn't a boatload of sights to see and places to check off of your bucket list. Instead, the real joy of being here, and the most fun you'll have is getting outside of the city and exploring the country. - Dec 2018

Nairobi Fashion Week, Elephant Orphanage, having lunch at Ole Sereni overlooking the national park, going to the fabirc market in CBD, and Sunday afternoons in Central Park. - Jun 2018

Dhow cruises, safaris, The Giraffe Center, the Elephant Orphanage, Masai markets, and former British colonial homes are very diverting. The country is very eager to bolster tourism and great efforts are made. - Jul 2016

Not much really. Go swimming that is all - Sep 2015

Great food choices, textile crafts are beautiful and unique, beads. There are very easy day trips or weekend trips to experience--elephant orphanage, Nairobi National Park, Lake Naivasha, Hells Gate, Sanctuary Farm. Karen is a great area for exploring shops and restaurants. All the Kenyan National Parks are amazing and the amount and variety of wildlife is once in a lifetime, but you can see it whenever you want if you live here. - Aug 2015

TONS. Safaris are the best in the world. Nairobi National Park, which is right in Nairobi, is an easy self-drive park where you can see giraffes, rhinos, lions, zebras, hippos - everything except elephants. The CLO organizes many good trips to other game parks around the country, including to the elephant orphanage. Also great places to hike and white water rafting. Volleyball is a popular sport, and of course Kenyans are crazy for soccer. - Jul 2015

Karua forest, tea plantation, brown's cheese tour. - May 2015

Karura forest walks and bike rides, visits to tea plantation, cheese farm, organic farm in Limuru, trip to Karen for lunch at Talisman, giraffe centre, elephant orphanage, Nairobi national park, lunch at Zen Garden or River Cafe, day or overnight trip to Lake Naivasha. - Dec 2014

Safaris, Mt. Kenya, the coast, etc. - Jun 2014

Safaris, day trips to Naivasha, adopt an elephant, kiss a giraffe at the giraffe center, shopping in Karen, visit a bead factory, ride an osterich, visit a slum, go to the horse races, visit a tea farm, visit a coffee farm, visit a cheese farm, walk in Karura forest, drive to the Nairobi park. - Jun 2014

You have to get out of Nairobi every few months. Since Westgate, a lot of people stay at home and avoid malls or other common areas and it's necessary to get relief from some of that. The Mount Kenya area is a short drive and very nice. - Mar 2014

You can "tour" Nairobi in a weekend or two. Visit the elephant orphanage, adopt an orphaned elephant (allowing you "bedtime" visits), feed the giraffes, visit the Karen Blixen house, hike the Ngong Hills, hike Mt Longnot, visit a tea plantation. - Jul 2013

Safaris, restaurants, movies, night clubs, shopping, safaris, massages, safaris, beaches at the coast, safaris! Did I mention safaris? - Jun 2013

Safari in Nairobi Nation Park, adopt a baby elephant at the elephant orphanage, hike Mt. Longonot, take a walking safari on Crescent Island, feed giraffes at the Giraffe Center. Nairobi also has an IMAX and several 3D movie theatres. - Dec 2012

The village market has a good selection of average/mediocre restaurants with good outdoor ambiance -- and many have kid's play areas. - Aug 2012

Pick up a guide book - in Nairobi, there's not much new to discover. Outside Nairobi, there is lots to explore. - Dec 2011

Kitengela Glass, Kazuri Beads, Karen Blixen Museum, Crescent Island walking safari, many National Parks to explore, Ostrich Farm, many day trips, safaris, Kenya Museum Society excursions, bird walks, trips to the coast. - Dec 2011

There are several things to do in Nairobi. Fun things like feeding giraffes. You can do all of the things in one weekend. There are GREAT weekend trips - safaris and the beaches, but they are very expensive. - Dec 2010

Giraffe center, Nairobi National Park, Kimabethu tea farm, Trout tree restaurant; Going on safari in the Maasai Mara, Amboseli, or Tsavo; Visiting the wonderfully Swahili island town of Lamu; Visiting the many Indian beach resorts near Mombasa. - Dec 2009

Safaris, travel to beautiful white beaches. Hotels for Westerners can be expensive, though. There's no middle price. We've stayed in city hotels for Kenyans, which were cheap but very basic. We survived. - Jul 2009

Safaris, the beaches on the coast, Lake Victoria, camping, movies, shopping, family events, rugby tournaments, rally racing, horse racing, horse riding, flying, sky diving, limited hunting of birds, rafting, day trips of all kinds, hiking. You can stay quite busy if you have that type of adventurous mindset. - Jun 2008

Lots of fun stuff awaits outside of Nairobi, including Masai Mara, Hell's Gate, excursions to the Rift Valley, beaches... not to mention that you are close to many nearby attractions (mountain gorillas in Rwanda, Zanzibar, etc.). In town, you have the Giraffe Centre, Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage (as seen on BBC's Elephant Diaries), museums, etc. - Feb 2008

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