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What accommodations do schools make for special-needs kids?

It seems most schools here can accommodate to an extent, even the smaller schools. - Mar 2024

Depends on the school and the level of need. - Aug 2023

ISK may not accommodate all students but other schools such as Woodland Star excel in that area - Mar 2022

From what I have heard, The Nations and ISK are the best for special needs kids. - Aug 2021

Not much - Sep 2015

ISK has some help for mild problems; it is ok not great. If there is a severe problem, you might need to hire a tutor. ISK has been very helpful in helping us find a tutor too. - Jun 2014

I think not many. It would depend on the need. - Jun 2013

No experience with this, but there are services. - Dec 2011

Braeburn has a good reputation for special needs. Rosslyn is able to make accomodations for quite a few special needs, but is more limited. - Dec 2011

Domestic help is inexpensive, so if you had a child who needed an attendant, that would be easy. Not sure about education. - Dec 2010

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