Nairobi - Post Report Question and Answers

What is the overall climate: is it extremely hot or cold, wet or dry, at any time of year, for example?

The climate here is perfect. There are a couple of rainy seasons, but overall, we are so spoiled. - Mar 2024

It’s in the southern hemisphere so June-Sept are the coolest months. The rainy seasons have shifted due to climate change so it can be hard to predict. Most of the time though, weather is the best part of Nairobi: cool in the mornings and a high of upper 70s to mid 80s. - Aug 2023

Dry, mild. Can get chilly in winter. - Mar 2022

Nairobi has the best weather in the whole world. Lots of sun. Around 70-80 year-round. There are two rainy seasons, but it's not raining nonstop during those times. It might rain every day, but never for the whole day. August is the cold month. It's gray. It's around 50-60 degrees, but that's as cold as it will get. You don't need air conditioning in Nairobi. - Aug 2021

The climate is the best I have ever lived in. In the 70s or 80s and sunny most of the time. Cool at night. Not humid. "Winter" can be a little depressing as it can be gray for a long time, but it's not that cold. During rainy season it rains part of the day or night, usually not all day all the time. - Apr 2021

The climate is fantastic except for the occasional rains and flooding. - Nov 2020

Beautiful! Hard to find better weather. It is easy to get spoiled and complain about the occasional rains, but the combination of nice temperatures and big blue skies all year long, is hard to beat. - Dec 2018

The weather here is wonderful. Summers are warm but never brutally hot. Winters get chilly in the evenings, but never freezing cold. Spring and fall are gorgeous, outside of the rains. The weather in Nairobi is some of the best in the world, and is one of the biggest highlights to living here. - Dec 2018

The climate is pretty moderate. This is year the rainy season was very very wet and there was a lot of flooding. - Jun 2018

Kenya weather is mostly perfect. In the winter, the low 50s Fahrenheit. In the summer, sometimes it hits the 90s. There are two rainy seasons, the more intense one being in the fall. Several roads wash out and buildings sometimes collapse during these long rains. - Jul 2016

Climate is the best thing. - Sep 2015

Wonderful! Pretty consistently 70-80F degrees probably due to a combination of elevation and proximity to equator. During the fall months it gets chilly at night and in the shade, and during the summer months it is rainy. In the sun it can get very warm/hot because of the proximity to the equator and being on a small mountain. - Aug 2015

Best in the WORLD. Although equatorial, the elevation keeps the temperatures even in the summer months (Dec-Jan) relatively cool. There is no need for climate control (houses do not have heat or a/c.) Winter is basically sweatshirt weather. Dry and sunny most of the year, in the 70's-80's F. Never saw this wonderful climate even on vacations. San Diego, N. AZ nothing can come close. There are 2 rainy seasons, "long rains" in Apr-May but in 2015 it is still going and it's July. Having lived in SE Asia, by "long rains" I was expecting monsoons. However, it's usually a thunderstorm or lingering drizzle. "Short Rains" in Oct - Nov are just short cloudbursts. AND - ALMOST ALL THE RAINSTORMS ARE AT NIGHT. - Jul 2015

Weather is pretty much perfect. It is never too hot or too cold. The rainy season is a nice break from the dry spells. Pack summer/spring time clothing and a light jacket. - May 2015

Very nice, mostly 20-25 degrees Celsius, sometimes up to 28/30 on hot days. Can be cool during July-August. Evenings are usually cool (15 degrees). - Dec 2014

Really nice! Spring like most of the time but a little cold June-August. A little rainy in late fall and spring. - Jun 2014

Absolutely perfect. It's 70-80 F. every single day. I didn't know there was such a perfect place weather wise! The winter (July to August) can be chilly but it heats up to about 70 during the day. During rainy season it seems to rain mostly at night so no big deal. - Jun 2014

The climate is terrific! I think only one weekend over the past year and a half it rained the entire weekend. Even in the "winter", when it is generally overcast and cooler, there is still sun and you can sometimes go to the pool. It's anywhere from 60-75F the entire year. - Mar 2014

Wonderful. It is one of the highlights of living here. The majority of the year it is 80 degrees (F) and sunny with zero humidity. Summertime here is winter and it is chilly and overcast most days. There are two rainy seasons (big and small rains) but nothing major. Houses are neither heated nor air conditioned. There will be times that you will be begging for air conditioning. The Embassy is always sweltering. Kenyans always think it is cold here and will criticize you for not swaddling your children in 80 degree (F) weather. The coast is stiflingly hot and humid. - Jul 2013

Since Kenya is below the equator, summer is winter and vice versa. But "winter" is more like a rainy spring day in the eastern US. - Jun 2013

The weather is probably the best thing about Nairobi. June-August is cloudy and rainy, but the rest of the year makes up for it. - Dec 2012

Great, but people still manage to complain. - Aug 2012

Nice, but I think there's more rain than most people have described. July-September is rainy and cool. December-March/April are really nice. - Dec 2011

Never too hot, never too cold. ACs and heaters unneeded. Bring sweaters, though. - Dec 2011

Weather is perfect. Never too hot or cold, as the baby bear would say - just right. - Sep 2011

beautiful weather all the time, due to our position near the equator and our high altitude. There is no heating or cooling systems in our house because there is no need. - Dec 2010

People love the climate here. It is spring year 'round in Nairobi. Winter here is June-August, summer, when it can climb to 90 degrees F, is usually January - March. Currently in December we have bright sunny days, clear skies with some rain, with temps about 75F. - Dec 2009

Forget Africa being hot and unbearable. This is the best climate I've ever encountered: warm but dry in their summer, and down to maybe 50 in the winter. Two rainy seasons, but even then, you can have pouring rain but sunny skies within an hour. - Jul 2009

Nairobi is beautiful. The coast and out west are hot as hades. Some people like that, others don't. - Jun 2008

Wonderful. Generally ranges from the low-70s to the low-80s (F) during the day, mid-50s to mid-60s (F) at night, with little humidity. It is on the cooler side of those ranges in July and August and warmer in December-January. Whether it is rainy, cloudy, or sunny depends on the season, though you will get at least a little sun most days. Most rain happens March-May and October-November. - Feb 2008

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