Nairobi - Post Report Question and Answers

Can you save money?

No - Sep 2015

If you don't do a lot of the higher-end safaris or eat out all the time - Aug 2015

Yes if you're not paying a mortgage at home. Plus, it's a danger post so currently, US Gov employees get danger pay. One good thing is that, as an Embassy employee, you will get an East African resident card. this will get you into the national parks at a fraction of the cost they charge regular tourists (the going rate is US$60-80/person.) Even out of country (i.e. Rwanda for gorilla tracking). Unfortunately it takes about a month to get one but don't let that stop you from going on safari soon after you get here - it's worth it. - Jul 2015

Yes - May 2015

A bit. - Dec 2014

A little. - Jun 2014

Probably you can, but not as much as you would think living in a third-world country unless you want to eat nothing other than maize meal and spinach. Also, safaris are super-expensive here, but also super worth it, get over the sticker shock and do it anyway. - Jun 2014

Only if both you and your spouse work and you do not travel too much. - Mar 2014

It depends. You can spend it all if you travel a lot. Safari's aren't cheap. You If you don't go out to eat every night you can. - Jul 2013

Yes, if you don't do too many safaris. But they are SO worth it. - Jun 2013

Yes, but you blow it all flying to the Seychelles, Zanzibar, or Cape Town. Intra-Africa travel is surprisingly expensive. - Dec 2012

Yes! If you can't save money living rent-free with private school paid for, then you never will. Weekend safaris are expensive -- lodges/hotels easily cost $1000 for a couple/small family, but don't do it every weekend. Air travel (anywhere) is expensive. - Aug 2012

I think so. - Dec 2011

It depends. . . Labor is cheap, goods are expensive. Rental prices in safe neighborhoods and used vehicle prices are high. Safaris are expensive (but worth it!) A recent COLA adjustment makes things a bit easier for those affiliated with the US Embassy. Those with nonprofits may have a hard time convincing the home office that basics (vehicle, rent, food, gas) are so expensive -- but they are. - Dec 2011

Not really - at least not much. - Sep 2011

No,not unless you confine yourself to a boring life in your house and you eat mainly produce. - Dec 2010

Not at all, unless you have two incomes. Travel within Kenya is very expensive. Going on safari is very pricey. Often it is cheaper for an American to fly here and go on safari than those of us living in Kenya. For example, driving to the national parks ourselves, spending two nights, will cost a family of 2 adults and 2 children approxiamtely $1500. If you fly, add another $1000. - Dec 2009

Yes, but travel can be pricey unless you are willing to downplay your need for hotels to be like Holiday Inn. - Jul 2009

No way. This place is as expensive as Europe. Hard to believe. If you want to live in a tin shack and eat off the street, you may save money but you'll spend it in the hospital or give it up when you're robbed. - Jun 2008

Maybe, provided you avoid pricey vacation spots in the region and the Kenya shilling remains at a reasonable level (around $1=Ksh70) as it has post-election. When it was at 61-62 pre-election, there's no way you can save if paid in U.S. - Feb 2008

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