Nairobi - Post Report Question and Answers

But don't forget your:

sense of adventure, sunscreen, and electrolytes. - Mar 2024

bug spray. - Aug 2023

Street smarts and sunscreen. - Mar 2022

Wool socks, fleece, vaccination card (this is not a good place for an anti-vaxxer), and sunscreen. - Aug 2021

Camera. - Dec 2018

Haggling and negotiation skills, sun-tan lotion, and high-end camera. - Dec 2018

Sense of humor! - Jun 2018

Vaccinations, sunscreen, and flexibility. - Jul 2016

Sun lotion - Sep 2015

Camping gear, bikes, sunscreen, bugspray - Aug 2015

sunblock (equator again) good, lightweight hiking shoes lightweight boots for outside of Nairobi. The ones that lace up with canvas uppers seem good. Spring/fall clothes - Jul 2015

Patience. - May 2015

Sweaters for the cool evenings, heaters can be needed in July/August. - Dec 2014

Fall clothes as June through August can get a little chilly. - Jun 2014

Safari hat! - Jun 2014

Patience and vigilance. - Mar 2014

Sunscreen, money for safaris, camping equipment and patience. - Jul 2013

rain boots, umbrella (for rainy season), sunscreen (on the equator =super strong sun), and stain remover for your socks (the red clay dirt makes socks REALLY ugly). - Jun 2013

Patience (Africa always seems to win), sun-screen, snorkeling gear, favorite toiletry products. - Dec 2012

Sunscreen, flip-flops, outdoor equipment (sports, hiking, camping, rock-cimbing), fleece jacket. - Aug 2012

Patience. I think the living here is pleasant enough, but the Embassy has a long way to go. Dealing with the place on a daily basis through work is just a beat down. The RSO's office is a complete joke for a critical crime/terror threat post. Our RSO in our safe post before this had us more secure than these clowns and getting them to care is impossible - excuse after excuse after excuse. Blame the victim seems to be the official motto. Housing is another mystery of inefficiency with more excuses and lies than one would think possible (and that's not from my personal experience - we actually really like our housing).State seems to treat Nairobi like some unimportant African backwater and you definitely feel the pinch. - Dec 2011

Gin & Tonic, high quality camera, and sense of adventure. - Dec 2011

patience, as getting things done takes longer but always works out in the end. - Sep 2011

sunscreen, lots of sunscreen. - Dec 2010

Patience. - Dec 2009

ability to bear heavy traffic, even at unexpected times of the day. There's no logic to it. - Jul 2009

Sense of humor, and adventure. Got to have it to stay sane. - Jun 2008

Patience, camera with super zoom lens to take on safari, and golf clubs so you can play at one of the great local clubs. - Feb 2008

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