Nairobi - Post Report Question and Answers

If you move here, you can leave behind your:

hurried nature, American attitudes toward organization and speed, and heavy winter clothes. - Mar 2024

expectations of timeliness. - Aug 2023

Winter gear and carefree attitude. - Mar 2022

Electronics other than computers, TV, and phone. Heavy winter clothes like cashmere. - Aug 2021

Sense of being in a hurry. "No worries" is a lifestyle. - Dec 2018

Sense of urgency. - Dec 2018

Ideals on efficiency and western savior mentality. - Jun 2018

Fancy clothes and jewelry, winter clothing, expectations of a fair and just government, and need for solid infrastructure. - Jul 2016

winter clothes - Sep 2015

Sense of adventure - Aug 2015

heavy coats and boots, all winter gear. Seeds. American seeds often won't even sprout - get them here. Trust. Lying is commonplace; bribes are extorted at all levels, particularly by the police. - Jul 2015

Your expectations. This place will blow your mind. It is paradise. - May 2015

Fears of Africa. - Dec 2014

Fear of malaria unless you go to low lying areas. - Jun 2014

Winter clothes. - Jun 2014

Boots and winter gear. - Mar 2014

Impatience, low clearance vehicle. - Jul 2013

winter coat. - Jun 2013

Heavy winter coats. - Dec 2012

Driver's manual--there are no rules. - Aug 2012

Down coat and boots. - Dec 2011

Expectations of anything being efficient or of other drivers being polite. - Dec 2011

winter clothes. - Sep 2011

friends, it is too expensive to visit! Also, you do not need your coats or bikes. - Dec 2010

Expensive jewelry. - Dec 2009

weak stomach - you'll probably see a dead pedestrian before you leave. If you can't stand seeing very poor people, you don't belong here. The way to get around this is to help - there are lots of ways to do so, even just buying crafts at the embassy's craft fair where some of the groups help those with HIV, etc. - Jul 2009

Attitude about how messed up the country is. They know, complain about it but do nothing about it and get insulted if you mention it. - Jun 2008

Sense of freedom (brick walls, razor wire, and security guards every 20 feet tend to kill that off fairly quickly); air conditioner (it is always temperate here); and hopes that the potholes you keep driving through on your way to work will ever be repaired. - Feb 2008

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