Nairobi - Post Report Question and Answers

What are some typical ways to socialize, either with local people or with other expatriates? Are there groups or clubs that you can recommend?

The Community Liaison Office (CLO) and American Embassy Association (AEA) do a great job offering lots of events and social activities like wine tastings, family movie nights, trivia, karaoke, seasonal parties, etc. Additionally, there are other communities one can get involved in outside of the embassy bubble, which I highly recommend. Our family loves our church and has found a lot of good community there, and we intentionally attend one that is not completely overrun with embassy people but has a lot of diversity. - Mar 2024

People host sundowners at their residences or meet for dinner/drinks at different restaurants. - Aug 2023

Work functions, school functions. - Mar 2022

If you don't have kids, it can be hard. I had to put in a lot of effort to make friends. Having a dog helps. You can meet people through dog groups or even just from the regulars you see walking in Karua or Aborteum. CrossFit is a nice community. There are various groups...French Speakers, Spanish Language Speakers, AWA...I didn't do much with any of them. - Aug 2021

Many fun bars and restaurants; live music venues; local sport-related groups (like running groups (Urban Swaras), cycling groups (Baiskeli Adventures), hiking groups) - Apr 2021

House parties, the Watering Hole, golfing, hanging out at The Alchemist, going to the movies (there are some really good theaters here), beach weekends with your friends. There are plenty of ways to get out and find some positive work-life balance, granted you're willing to give it the ol' college try. - Dec 2018

Running clubs such as Urban Swaras are a great way to meet people! - Jun 2018

Locals are very friendly and hospitable. There are many opportunities to socialize with expats and locals. Pick an activity and you'll likely find a group. - Jul 2016

Visiting each other homes for lunch or dinner - Sep 2015

Going out to dinner, movie theaters, dinner parties, softball, football (soccer), hangout at the embassy pool/restaurant/bar, hiking/biking in Karura Forest right by the Embassy - Aug 2015

dinners with friends, hiking, traveling. You have to get out of Nairobi every couple weeks just to remember there is a wonderful country here outside the city limits. - Jul 2015

Camping, Hiking, good resturants and night clubs - May 2015

BBQs in the garden. - Dec 2014

Trips to the coast, house dinners/parties, restaurants, etc. - Jun 2014

Restaurants, parties at houses, movie theaters, malls (if you dare go after Westgate). There are nightclubs in town too. - Jun 2014

Plenty to do. Dinners out, family get togethers etc. - Jul 2013

Due to the great weather, there are always parties, picnics and BBQs amongst friends. - Jun 2013

You can find anything and everything here. - Dec 2012

Lots of restaurants, active CLO, there are some highly social people here. - Aug 2012

House parties, restaurants, clubs for the younger set. - Dec 2011

This is not the place to be if you like downtown city living and nightlife partying -- it's just not safe. But there is plenty to do to stay busy, entertained, and have a social life. We don't go out much after dark due to safety concerns. - Dec 2011

it is such a big post that it isn't all that social. Better if you have kids and live on the big compound. - Dec 2010

Bars, clubs, and restaurants. - Dec 2009

Tons. Clubs, bars etc. - Jun 2008

It is what you make of it: home parties, bars, restaurants, trips out of town. Due to the security situation, most people tend to stay home or in their immediate area at night. Entertaining at home is more common than going out to local clubs like Pavement. - Feb 2008

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