Nairobi - Post Report Question and Answers

Morale among expats:

Depends. Some love it here. Others are miserable. I think the truth is somewhere in between. - Jul 2013

Morale can be quite low at the embassy. It seems like some folks pick Nairobi as their last hurrah before retiring and don't really care much about actually doing their jobs. Also, morale among spouses can be low due to the lack of spouse employment opportunities or the lack of people within the embassy who actually do their jobs to get their jobs going. HR, Management and RSO seem to be common topics of complaint. - Jun 2013

Mixed. Some people love it, others not so much. Everyone has their days when they are Nairobi'ed out, whether it's because of the terrible traffic jams or just the general inefficiency and ridiculousness of everything in Kenya. - Dec 2012

People who are prepared to live in a developing country do very well here. There are of amenities and things to do. Security, the road conditions, and Kenyan driving can wear on you. - Aug 2012

Varies. Generally good, but Embassy ineffeciencies take their toll as does the crime, the traffic and general Nairobi BS. - Dec 2011

Pretty positive. Most people I know alternate between loving it here and feeling like they are going nuts from the annoyances of living in Africa. - Dec 2011

widely variable - Sep 2011

Moderate. Some are so happy here. It is just very expensive here, and there is no COLA. I think between London (with no hardship pay) and Nairobi (with the hardship pay), it would be easier to go on weekend trips or save money, etc. in London. - Dec 2010

Good to great. - Dec 2009

Good. - Jul 2009

Very good. Folks here that stay, love it. - Jun 2008

Reasonable for the most part, neither great nor horrible. Kind of beige. - Feb 2008

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