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What English-language religious services are available locally?

answer - Mar 2024

There are a lot of places to choose from here. Nairobi is bilingual, so many places have English services. For Christian services, many attend the church that meets at Rosslyn Academy or Lavington Vineyard Church, but there are a lot to choose from. There is an active LDS community as well with a temple downtown. While there are tons of Catholic churches in Nairobi, I have heard it can be really difficult to find one that feels like home. My Catholic friends have struggled here. - Mar 2024

I'm not religious, but I know most Kenyans go to church on Sundays. Over 90% of the population is Christian. There is also a pretty substantial Muslim population in Nairobi. - Dec 2018

We are more familiar with the Christian services (there are many options). - Jun 2018

I imagine that most religious services you would want are available. The Kenyans have a very good grasp on British English, and are a very religious society. The only major religion I've not seen represented in Nairobi is Judaism. - Jul 2016

There are several to choose from - Aug 2015

lots - Jul 2015

All sorts of Christian and Muslim services. - Jun 2014

Yes. - Jul 2013

I think there are many. - Jun 2013

Yes. It's a very Christian country, with sizeable Muslim and Hindu communities. There's a synagogue downtown. - Dec 2012

Lots of options, including some expat churches. - Aug 2012

Yes. - Dec 2011

We were disappointed in the lack of good religious options in Kenya, considering the long history of Christianity here and the preponderance of churches. A lot of expats attend the International Christian Fellowship (which meets at Rosslyn Academy.) All denominations are represented here, but many can feel very different due to cultural differences. Even though we've worshiped in other cross-cultural contexts, it's been more challenging here. Many of the good options are a long drive from where we live. Kenya also has a sizable Muslim and Hindi populations, and so those are available as well. - Dec 2011

We had several Catholic churches available. - Sep 2011

A few services in Nairobi are in English. - Dec 2010

Yes, catholic, protestant, a wide variety. - Dec 2009

There's a non-denominational Christian church at Rosslyn Academy, but it's pretty far to the right politically and religiously. - Jul 2009

All denominations are here and in English. - Jun 2008

Apparently all are represented, though heavy on the Pentecostal/born again stuff here. - Feb 2008

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