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Do you have any recommendations regarding mobile phones? Did you keep your home-country plan or use a local provider?

answer - Mar 2024

We use a local provider and we have a Google Fi number. - Mar 2024

I kept my phone and got a local SIM card. The main options are Safaricom or Airtel. Easy to use and keep data and minutes topped up. - Aug 2023

Safaricom for local sim and Mpesa setup, keep our google number for US business. - Mar 2022

Use a local provider. Saraficom is the big one in Kenya. We used them and liked them. - Aug 2021

Get Safaricom. It works well, is reasonable, and then you can also get an mPesa account, the mobile money that everyone uses. Extremely convenient. - Apr 2021

Safaricom - Nov 2020

We use Safaricom and have been happy with it. It is also inexpensive. - Dec 2018

Bring your own unlocked mobile phone and get a Safaricom sim card. You pay-as-you-go here, but it acutally works out well. Our monthly fees are probably around US $20 or so per person. - Dec 2018

We use Safaricom. We have found it really easy to pay for minutes and internet plans using mpesa and airtime on our phones. We bought unlocked phones online and just purchased sim card at Safaricom. - Jun 2018

SafariCom is the only way to go. The plans are pre-paid and you have to monitor closely to avoid shut-offs, whether accurately done or not. Reconnecting service is another opportunity for techs to make some pocket money. - Jul 2016

No - Sep 2015

Any unlocked cell phone you like will work and the prices are decent for service. I think I pay less than US$20 a month for data and calling/texting. - Aug 2015

Unlock your phone before you get here or order one on line. They're very expensive here. Phone service is cheap, though, and it's relatively inexpensive to call the States. - Jul 2015

Safaricom. - May 2015

They generally work well. - Dec 2014

Cell coverage is pretty good here. Smart phones are fine. - Jun 2014

I use safaricom pay as you go. It is cheap and I am happy with it. It usually costs me around $10-20 a month for data and phone calls. I surf the web a lot on it too! - Jun 2014

Buy one locally and get scratch off cards for minutes. Works well. You can get any type of phone here (iPhone etc). The telecommunications system here is very robust. Zero complaints here. - Jul 2013

Safari Com seems to be best. They are cheap and usually reliable. - Jun 2013

Safaricom is the most reliable provider, but even then can be iffy. Calls to the U.S. are very cheap. - Dec 2012

Cheap and easy to get. Most people get one for their kids for security reasons. - Aug 2012

You need one. Buy it here, there or in between, but you must have one. You can get good 3G plans so if you can bring an unlocked iPhone or Android phone that's nice. - Dec 2011

Phone service is very cheap. If you bring a phone from the US, it needs to have a SIM card slot. You can get a basic phone for US$20-$40 dollars. A US$10 phone card can easily last 1-3 months. My husband has his work blackberry, and we have three other cell phones for various family members. I like my kids having their own phones to bring to school because of the security issues here. - Dec 2011

Safaricom is probably your best bet (80% of the market). - Sep 2011

They are cheap here, and everyone has one. Airtel has good coverage. - Dec 2010

Get one. It's cheap to recharge your SIM card and no monthly fees. - Jul 2009

Safaricom or Celltel. Buy an unlocked phone from Europe or Asia. Phones here are a bit expensive but they are unlocked. You can get the coolest most modern phone you've ever seen here but it'll cost. If you bring one, be sure it's unlocked. International phones from the states cost about $4/min for roaming. Use a local provider. They have broadband for laptops etc. too. - Jun 2008

CelTel and Safaricom are the main providers. Both seem fine. - Feb 2008

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