Nairobi - Post Report Question and Answers

Is this a good city for single people? For couples? For families? Why or why not?

This is a great place for families! There is so much to do here, it gives your kids a real "other country" experience without sacrificing a quality education, lots of extracurricular activities, plenty of other kids to make friends with, and they can speak English everywhere they go. Additionally, vacations here are amazing: the lakes, the coast, and safaris. It's a great place for couples, too. I can't really speak to singles but I know there is a vibrant social scene here. - Mar 2024

Mostly seemed like a family post but single people generally seemed to have a good social circle. - Aug 2023

Better for families, ok for singles due to more suburban lifestyle. - Mar 2022

If you're single, young, and looking for a good time, then Nairobi is the place for you. It's also good for Peter Pan types. But, if you're single and not than much into the nightlife anymore and/or want to meet someone or make can be hard. It's a great place for families. For couple, it depends. If you don't have kids, you have to really work it to make friends. - Aug 2021

This is not a good place for teens. There lives are super-restricted and the only place to hang out is in the malls which is, in itself, a safety concern. - Nov 2020

I would think a single man could have a hell of a time here, so long as he was smart and kept his wits about him. Single ladies, yeah I'd think they could do well here, too. My wife and I are a childless couple and have found plenty to do most of the time. There does come a point where you've kinda maxed out what there is to do in Nairobi proper, though.

Our friends with kids all seem to like it here. Their little ones can be outside all four seasons, and Kenyans seem to enjoy children.

- Dec 2018

It is definitely a great post for families. I am not sure about singles. It would certainly be entertaining as a single person. I have a friend who told me she dated a guy who sold his goat just to have minutes on his phone to call her. - Jun 2018

I can speak to the opportunities for families, and they are very good. Kenya loves children. Most businesses are welcoming to little ones and there are fun fairs and playgrounds all over. Nannies are warm and caring, and often very flexible in their work hours. - Jul 2016

I would not say so. It depends on the family and the kids. My teenager is grossly unhappy as she has no freedom to go anywhere on her own. No entertainment for kids and families. Limited options for singles as well. If you are used to going to exhibitions and concerts you should forget this completely. - Sep 2015

Good for all, plenty for everyone to do. - Aug 2015

families and couples, pretty good. Couples - night spots themselves might be okay, but there are predators outside and on the roads home. There is MUCH drunk driving - be alert. - Jul 2015

Yes, nightlife is fun. - May 2015

Yes, good for all. - Dec 2014

Yes, but the security situation should be a major consideration before anyone decides to come. - Jun 2014

I think it is great for all. - Jun 2014

It's fairly good for all. Families will enjoy the weather and safaris. Singles and couples there is a decent nightlife. Restaurants are OK but pricy for what you get. - Mar 2014

Good for families. Singles and childless couples seem to have fun as well. There is plenty to do. - Jul 2013

Yes for all. - Jun 2013

Yes, for all. Singles have lots of places to go out and drink and dance, lots of cultural activities, and a HUGE expat community. The same for couples. It's really what you make of it. You can be out every night or cuddling at home. At the embassy, there are mostly families with kids; again, I think, because of the schools. - Dec 2012

It's big enough and nice enough that everyone seems to find their niche. There are night-life options and lots of other expats around, as well as family-friendly activities. - Aug 2012

For families, yes, singles and couples, probably. If you are a bit adventurous and want to travel around Kenya, I think it's probably a good place for all. My tolerance for driving around Kenya is low, but I find it a good place with small children. - Dec 2011

Great for families! Dating local residents would be discouraged due to the social construct of patron/client relationships (see the book: African Friends and Money Matters for discussion on this) and the high HIV rate. - Dec 2011

It can be a bit confining for families as you can't wander the streets and are restricted to malls and compounds. However, the schools are excellent. - Sep 2011

Yes, overall. Education is good. Medical care good for Africa, several things to do around town, lots of wonderful but very expensive weekend trips. But the time and money it takes to travel to and from the States makes visits to home (and visits from family) prohibitively expensive. - Dec 2010

Good for families, though it is expensive here. - Dec 2009

Great for families and couples. It's good for singles too, I think, if you are willing to find friends. The embassy's big enough that there are plenty of singles so you can find weekend friends to go exploring the country without any problem. - Jul 2009

Yes - for families it's great. Singles, well for males you can find someone for the night but longterm will be hard. Everyone is after something due to economics. For single women it is very difficult. Couples, you can have fun but if you like to go out, girlfriends need to understand the women here will come up to you and your man with no concern about your relationship's status and try to get your man. - Jun 2008

Probably best for families with small children; it's a great place for small kids and the international schools are reputed to be excellent. There are great places for couples and singles but it seems to be an older crowd (45+) here in general. - Feb 2008

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