What are the particular advantages of living in this city?

Clean. modern. Close to nature. - Jan 2020

Oslo is safe and quiet. You can speak English everywhere, and more than half the cable channels are in English. Norwegians like America and pay great attention to what goes on in the U.S. Norwegian nature is absolutely beautiful. - Dec 2016

Personal safety is high. Outdoor activities are plentiful and amazing. - Dec 2015

Beautiful, beautiful country that is the ideal location for those who love to be outdoors or are real athletes. - Jun 2015

Oslo is a beautiful city, with an interesting culture and terrific opportunities for outdoor activities (of different sorts) year-round. The city is safe, relatively clean, increasingly multicultural, and laid-back. - May 2013

The nature is unbelievable. Everyone should see the fjords in western Norway - Aug 2011

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