Oslo - Post Report Question and Answers

What typical restaurants, food delivery services, and/or takeout options are popular among expatriates?

So many. Oslo has a great food scene and multiple food delivery services. People complain about prices but we eat out often and don't see it as an issue. Services in general are pricier in Oslo because everyone here makes a livable wage, but we like that. - Dec 2022

A lot of restaurants do take out especially during Covid lockdown; Asian and pizza most popular restaurants bars and alcohol are all astoundingly expensive. Expats mostly do home dinners/ dinner parties Norwegians love BBQs and do mini grills in parks - May 2021

Foodora delivers food in the city, but availability of this service is limited/unavailable in the suburbs. - Jan 2020

Restaurants in Norway are ridiculously expensive. Food was never good enough to justify the price. $20 for a burrito, $35 for a pizza. I never used any delivery services due to the high delivery fees. The cheapest dining options in town are McDonald's, IKEA, and kebab restaurants. Oslo deprived me of the pleasure of dining out. There are not many restaurants to choose from in Oslo unless you live in downtown. I had to walk for 15 minutes from my place to hit one small restaurant. - Dec 2016

Oslo is getting much better food culture, but it's not an international food city in the way that say Copenhagen or maybe Stockholm is. The inexpensive restaurant options are mostly not worth it (think US$20 for a bowl of soup or a baguette sandwich). The expensive restaurants are very good. However, lots of positive trends, more international options... tex-mex, food halls, food trucks, etc. Don't overlook the "immigrant" restaurants in Groenland, for example. McDonald's has the best deal in country with I think a 12 kroner hamburger (not even on the menu). - Dec 2015

Sadly, McDonald's and Burger King are here but local restaurants are better. And if you're going to pay US$25 for a burger, wouldn't you rather it be better than a Big Mac? There are many local restaurants that are really good and several with Michelin stars in Oslo. Expect to start at expensive and go up to well beyond exorbitant! - Jun 2015

Lots of restaurants of all types. Costs are high. The cheapest options are local kebab shops that will offer a large kebab and soda for about 45-50 NOK ($8-9). A main course at a regular restaurant will range from 120-180 NOK. Alcohol is very expensive - about 50-60 NOK for a 0.4 liter lousy beer. Even soda in restaurants costs about 39 NOK and no free refills! Prices for restaurants, other than at the really high end ones, are not an indicator of quality. You can pay 150 NOK for a great Pad Thai in one place and then have a terrible pizza for the same price at another place. Restaurants are generally not good value, but there are a few exceptions. - May 2013

MacDonald's. The center of Oslo has kebab fast food - the price for one person is about twenty dollars. - Aug 2011

It is expensive for Americans, especially so if the dollar is weak. - Jun 2009

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