Oslo - Post Report Question and Answers

Are there any unusual problems with insects or other infestations in housing?

No. - Dec 2022

No. - May 2021

Very few insects in Norway. - Jan 2020

There were many bees during summer, which occasionally made it inside the house. - Dec 2016

None - we had ants in the kitchen occasionally but I'm not sure we ever even saw another bug in the house - Dec 2015

No huge issues, except that there are virtually no screens in doors and windows in Norway, so what they do have will get in your house when you throw open the windows to enjoy the fresh air! Mosquitoes can be bad out in the forest areas, but just for the bites and itching (no disease issues). I think ticks are getting worse, so you'll want to watch out for them and the attendant tick-borne diseases (again, when you're out in the forest areas). - Jun 2015

None. - May 2013

Some mosquitoes - they can be a problem way up north near the Russian border. Lyme disease is a risk in eastern Norway near the Swedish border - Aug 2011

None. - Jun 2009

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