Oslo - Post Report Question and Answers

Are there any particular health concerns? What is the quality of available medical care? What medical conditions typically require medical evacuation?

The urgent care here isn't treated so urgently until it's very serious, but the quality of care then is very good. - Dec 2022

Good health care via Volvat and Aleris systems. National health is good but very slow. - May 2021

There is adequate medical care for most basic things. They do things pretty differently from the US in terms of how they treat. There is less anesthesia and pain medication offered. They strongly dislike antibiotic use. We found they under treated for a lot of ailments compared to American health care. We found this frustrating and inconvenient most of the time, but we adjusted to their way of care for the most part. If big medical issues were to come up, that might be more of a concern. - Jan 2020

There is a nurse at post. She didn't do much other than helping book an appointment and giving flu shot. You go to private doctors (Volvat, Aleris, etc) and bill your insurance. The quality was fine and the price was similar to the U.S. - Dec 2016

I can only speak to private health care, but I found the quality at Aleris to be excellent. You get what you pay for? Norwegians have to wait a looong time for non-emergency surgery. I had a great experience with labor & delivery at an Oslo hospital. - Dec 2015

No health concerns as such. The public system is pretty average. You pay the first 2000 NOK out of pocket, and then the rest is free for the remainder of the year. - May 2013

No. Really good. - Aug 2011

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