What is the availability and cost of household help, and what types of help are typically employed by expatriates?

Very expensive for most Americans, but a few folks employed a house cleaning service. - Jan 2020

I didn't know anyone in the Embassy community with household help. Sitters charged around 150 nok/hour. - Dec 2016

Haha - you can pay about 120 NOK/hr for someone of immigrant background who is looking to make a little money, for something like babysitting or housecleaning. That is legal as long as the person doesn't earn more than something like 5000 NOK/year for the work, if I remember correctly. If you go "white market" through an agency, I think it's twice as expensive. Needless to say, many people get by without domestic help. - Dec 2015

Somewhat available but very expensive, so not that common. - Jun 2015

Not sure - it is hard to find babysitters. Norwegians have the 1st year off, and then they are able to place their child in a local daycare. So there is not a big demand for nannies - Aug 2011

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