Oslo - Post Report Question and Answers

Are local buses, trams, trains or taxis safe and affordable?

Very safe, but more expensive than most places in the world. - Dec 2022

Safe and affordable. - May 2021

Safe, reliable, frequent. About US $4 for an hour of transit. Recommend getting a monthly unlimited card if traveling daily. - Jan 2020

They are safe but not affordable. It costs around $4 one-way to ride the train, bus, or tram no matter how short the trip is. Once you pay, it's good for 1 hour. If you have a family, it easily adds up for a round trip to go anywhere. A monthly pass cost about $80 per month. - Dec 2016

Yes, safe. Affordable? If you buy your ticket on board, a bus costs 50 NOK - the exchange rate when we were there meant that was over US$8. But the monthly pass is a good deal. I considered taxis not affordable and never took them. The local/regional trains from the airport are almost as convenient as the airport express train, and are half price. - Dec 2015

All are safe, public transport is expensive but worth it. Taxis will break the bank, so use sparingly! - Jun 2015

Yes. Taxis are not affordable though - it costs about 80 NOK to enter the taxi (about $14) and a short 3 km ride will cost about 150 NOK. - May 2013

Local trains and buses are fine - cost is about twice the cost of DC metro. Taxis are very expensive - no one takes them unless there is an emergency - Aug 2011

Totally safe, although on weekend nights it is as though you are in a different city with the party people. Not cheap, but way cheaper than parking. - Jun 2009

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