Oslo - Post Report Question and Answers

Would someone with physical disabilities have difficulties living in this city?

I think so but it's easier than in most European cities. They do try here. - Dec 2022

Yes. - May 2021

There seem to be a lot of accommodations for physical disabilities. - Jan 2020

Yes. Not all trams are wheelchair accessible and the sidewalks are icy during winter. - Dec 2016

You'd need to choose your location carefully - relying on public transportation might work well with the t-bane and even the buses, but some tram lines are not handicapped accessible at all. - Dec 2015

Yes, although they try to make streets, sidewalks and public transportation accessible, many places (and even the tram system) are old and would make ease of access and getting around hard. - Jun 2015

Generally OK, but the city is hilly in spots. - May 2013

It is not as wheelchair accessible as the U.S. In the winter, many people do not clear their sidewalks, so there is always a problem with black ice. - Aug 2011

Similar to most modern, European cities. - Jun 2009

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