Oslo - Post Report Question and Answers

Is this a good city for single people? For couples? For families? Why or why not?

Incredible post for families and couples. Singles may have a bit more of a challenging time but most have left the post with a Norwegian girlfriend or boyfriend so I'd say it worked out :) - Dec 2022

Good for families and very family friendly, but maybe boring for teens. Good for sporty families who like snow and ocean. - May 2021

I can't speak for singles, but families with active children probably would do very well in Oslo. They prize time outdoors and there are so many winter options available. Our kids tried a new winter sport every year. Lots of free skating rinks in the suburbs. In the suburbs, there are cross country ski trails everywhere and the kids learn this skill at OIS. Anyone who enjoys the outdoors will thrive in Oslo. - Jan 2020

Families with small children seemed to have a hard time waiting for months to get a spot at preschool. They can feel isolated. Most couples and singles seemed happy. Oslo is not a global, metropolitan city so it can get boring after a while. Norwegians are not eager to make new friends especially if they know you're an expat. Nothing is open on Sundays, not even grocery stores. - Dec 2016

The exchange rate was unfavorable our entire stay, and it was just so expensive that we had to adapt our habits a lot. Food and drink are expensive, so if you're used to eating out a lot, you may have to scale back. Norwegians tend to be so reserved, and single friends complained about no one talking to them at bars, except possibly crude drunken propositions at closing time. Something like meet-ups might be a better way to get to know friendly people. Travel opportunities are pretty abundant, though not inexpensive. - Dec 2015

Yes! Great activities for families and kids, lots to do for singles and couples without kids. - Jun 2015

Good for all. There is a good international scene with a number of expat-focused groups (New to Oslo, Norway International Network, Internations) that have regular get-togethers. Oslo is very family friendly, with excellent family-leave policies if you work on the local economy. It is maybe not the best place for relationships that are in trouble - I have seen a number of such relationships fall apart here. Not sure if it's the dark, or cold, or what, though. - May 2013

I think it is good for all types, especially people who enjoy being outdoors. It is very expensive, so it is difficult for people who like to go out to eat and drink. - Aug 2011

If you enjoy outdoor living, you will love it here. We have travelled all over Norway, learned to x-country ski, seen Pulpit's Rock near Stavanger, and toured the fjord country. It is amazing. People who are less outdoorsy -- and/or are perhaps more shy about making friends -- seem to suffer. - Jun 2009

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