Are there personal security concerns to be aware of at this post? Please describe.

We have felt quite safe at this post. The health system is not particularly strong so if something big happens, expect to be medically-evacuated. Minor issues can be handled in country. We have had luck buying eyeglasses. - Jun 2020

For the most part, robbery and worse crimes are not inflicted on the expat community. There have been some tragic exceptions in the past year. Traffic accidents are the most unsafe aspect of living in Georgia. Do not get into a car without a working seatbelt. Driving requires constant focus and being on the defensive at all times. Parking in the center is a challenge. - Jan 2019

No, not really. Periodically, there will be a protest or something that RSO will tell us to avoid, but generally, it's incredibly safe. I walk everywhere, usually by myself, and have never had the least bit of a problem. I do keep my purse close/zipped when I walking in busy areas, but that's just common sense. Being hit by a car is by far the biggest danger here. - Apr 2017

Pretty safe here, but a lot of people drink and drive, so roads can be hazardous. - May 2016

None at all. The only issues that ever happened occurred in a bar at 2:00 AM. - Jul 2014

The careless and dangerous driving is the only serious concern. In terms of public safety, as a young single woman I feel very safe walking in the center part of the city alone, even at night. Drunk men can be an issue, though more in terms of accidental proximity (testosterone-driven fights between intoxicated men can be a problem here) rather than intentionally directing violence toward foreigners. - Oct 2011

Just use good common sense. Nothing special. - Sep 2011

I have been in more than 50 countries and never witnessed such crazy drivers and pedestrians. Even Cairo was safer in that sense. Real security issues? None whatsoever. I feel safer than back in Orlando. The police are efficient. The travel warnings for Georgia are outdated. This is a safe country. - Apr 2011

None. - Jun 2010

No worse than in any other major city. If you're drunk, by yourself at 3am in a dark alley, you might get mugged. Just like in every major city in the U.S. - Oct 2009

Plenty. Use your head like you would in South Philly. Don't drive outside the city at night without a good plan. Carry a knife. - Jan 2009

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