Is this a good city for LGBT expatriates? Why or why not?

Georgia is not progressive on LGBT issues. There are several local organizations who are fighting for LGBT rights and a small community that you can get plugged into. As a foreigner, you will most likely be left alone. However, be ready for people to make rude comments about LGBT issues in general. PDAs would not be advisable. - Jun 2020

Hmmm. While LGBT folks are starting to come out, Georgia has a long way to go in accepting them. It's a conservative Christian country and LGBT still seem to be discriminated against. - Jan 2019

Episodes of outright hostility are rare, but there aren't many opportunities to meet other LGBT people. It's a religiously conservative society. - Apr 2017

Not sure. - May 2016

We had a number of good friends that were gay and they loved it there. - Jul 2014

Homosexuality isn't really accepted in Georgia, but I haven't heard of any particular problems occurring; gay expats tend to keep a fairly low profile in general, though they are very accepted in the expat community. - Oct 2011

No problems of which I am aware. - Sep 2011

I don't think so. - Apr 2011

Georgians do not acknowledge the gay lifestyle. That said, there is a closeted gay community. - Jun 2010

Marginally good. It's a pretty conservative culture, so you would probably have to be careful where that information was shared. - Oct 2009

Probably not. - Jan 2009

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