What kinds of gyms or other sports/workout facilities are available? Are they expensive?

Gyms are expensive by local standards. The embassy gym has some equipment. - Jan 2019

The embassy has a nice gym. There's a Snap Fitness in Vake, but it's apparently expensive. There are also many inexpensive yoga classes in Vake, although the quality is a little different than in the US (at the one I used to go to (until it unexpectedly moved) the instructor kept telling me (in English) "You must straighten your knees!" My knees just don't straighten...). - Apr 2017

This is not a very sporty country and there aren't many gym options. Luckily, there is a pretty decent gym at the embassy. - Feb 2017

Embassy has a gym on post. Others use hotels (pricier). Hotels downtown have nice spa areas. - May 2016

The Embassy had a gym and some people went to the Raddison. The Embassy was free and the Raddison was pretty expensive. - Jul 2014

Yes, though local facilities tend to be very expensive. The U. S. Embassy has a nice gym for employees. - Oct 2011

Yes, and the Embassy offers one as well. - Sep 2011

My wife goes to Curves, the American fitness franchise for women, and really enjoys it. There are 2 Curves in Tbilisi. I go for walks in Kustba Lake park which is 15-minutes from the center by car. - Apr 2011

There is a great gym at the US Embassy and there are private workout facilities on the economy. - Jun 2010

Yes, though they run around $100/month. - Oct 2009

Bring a treadmill. I ran at the Hippodrome on Saturdays with friends. The Embassy has a "gym" and Vake fitness club is decent. - Jan 2009

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