What is the overall climate: is it extremely hot or cold, wet or dry, at any time of year, for example?

Nice four seasons. The summer is quite hot while winter is manageable. There is skiing close to the capital. The wind is amazing. - Jun 2020

Very temperate. Snowy and cold in the mountains, of course. There are something like 72 different microclimates in Georgia! Tbilisi tends to have one or two cold weeks during the winter, one or two hot weeks during the summer, and is mild the rest of the time. - Jan 2019

It's nice, similar to D.C. It snowed a few times this year, and people told us that was unusual (typically it only snows once). Summers get hot (high 90s), but only for a few weeks. I think the weather here is great, but I'm from Buffalo--my standards are a little off. - Apr 2017

Four real seasons. - Feb 2017

Weather like Washington DC, but windier. MUCH windier. - May 2016

The climate is very similar to Washington, DC. Four seasons. The only thing that was a shock was the wind. Saying that Tbilisi is a Windy City is an understatement. In the hills, you might need to tie the little ones down. - Jul 2014

For the most part summers are quite pleasant minus a couple of weeks of very hot weather (occasionally over 100F) with variable springs and falls and fairly mild winters, though the wind can be severe. - Oct 2011

Four seasons, very mild winters in Tbilisi -- some snow and can be very windy at times. Beautiful springs and falls. Couple weeks of very hot days in August. - Sep 2011

North Carolina or Madrid. Winters are mild with real snow for 2-3 days. Summers are awful with extreme heat. - Apr 2011

Hot in summer, Beautiful and warm in fall. Winter and spring are cold and rainy. The wind can be very bad, but not often. - Jun 2010

Summers can be warm/hot in town (80F-100F). But hiking on the ridges can help reduce the heat a bit. Winters are mild in town, generally (30-40F), but a few days will be in 10-15F. Once you leave the city, temps can drop 10-20F in the altitude pretty easily. - Oct 2009

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