Is this a "shopping post"? Are there interesting handicrafts, artwork, antiques, or other items that people typically buy there?

Lots of neat Georgian products and crafts, but I wouldn't say its a huge shopping post. - Jun 2020

Favorite shop: Ornament, for gorgeous Georgian enamelware. Cool little fashion boutiques with one-of-a-kind apparel, in both the center and in Vake. Handicrafts in shops in the center (especially in the basement of the Tbilisi City Museum) and at the Dry Bridge Market. Really cool international stuff to buy at the annual IWA Winter Bazaar (usually first Saturday in December). Some antiques and fun shops in the Marjanashvili section of town, both in the newly restored and pretty pedestrian street, and also a few blocks further up from the river. Crafts boutiques at Fabrika. (Also, breakfast at Fabrika!) - Jan 2019

No, not really. Lots of wine. Hand-knitted (and itchy) wool socks. Some people buy local art. It's inexpensive and easy to get things framed, so we've picked up some posters and pictures. - Apr 2017

Local art is unique and everywhere. - May 2016

Wine, great food, sheeps skins, cool hats, wooden spoons, Svan salt, and cool paintings - Jul 2014

Exploring the rural areas of Georgia! Travel is the best way to spend money here. There is little of interest to buy, though there are some interesting antiques and artwork at the Dry Bridge Market. Sampling the many varieties of wine is also a good option; many people in villages make their own wine, some of which is very good. - Oct 2011

Nothing great to buy here. - Sep 2011

Nothing here is unique. - Apr 2011

Carpets from the North and South Caucasus. Wine, jewelry and art. - Jun 2010

Georgian wine is good, artwork isn't too bad. - Oct 2009

If you like oil paintings you can find some gems. Just start looking at the beginning of your tour to determine your taste. You can even have some pieces commissioned. Rugs are decent but aren't as cheap as in Baku, Istanbul. You can spend money on flights out of the city as they are pricey. Travel, travel, travel as much as possible. - Jan 2009

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