If you move here, you can leave behind your:

Wine; the local stuff is great. - Jun 2020

Wine. Try the plentiful, exotic and interesting Georgian wines, and go to the wineries to learn more about the grapes. Art: It's fun to find new artists here. Pride in your language ability: Georgian is hard and you may be humbled. - Jan 2019

Desire for things to be like America. - Apr 2017

Impatience. Georgians are friendly, but certainly do things their own way. - May 2016

Using transformers is a bit of a pain, so purchasing small appliances upon arrival makes sense (coffee maker, alarm clock, etc). Transformers disrupt digital clock functioning, so leave digital clocks at home unless they are dual voltage; I use battery-operated clocks with rechargeable batteries instead. - Oct 2011

Quest for the logical..... - Sep 2011

closed mind, - Apr 2011

brand new car. - Jun 2010

Road bike. Liver (or plan on needing a replacement when you're done.) - Oct 2009

Bad attitude, rollerblades, skis (unless you have special ones you like--local rentals are cheap). - Jan 2009

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