Are there any particular health concerns? What is the quality of available medical care? What medical conditions typically require medical evacuation?

The health system is not particularly strong so if something big happens, expect to be medically evacuated. Minor issues can be handled in Country. We have had luck buying eye glasses. - Jun 2020

Dental care is stellar, seriously good (I went to Cedex). The American Medical Center in Tbilisi is good, too, but bills at Western prices. Lots of people went to MediClub (I think that's the name) and had mixed reviews. There's also a cardiac center. I had MRIs done at a local clinic that were of good quality and cost very little. The embassy provides basic care but for anything serious you need to go elsewhere or even out of country. Get your rabies vaccine before you come; you probably won't get bitten but there are lots of street dogs and many cats are feral. - Jan 2019

No particular health concerns. The embassy medical care is fine, although people do get medically evacuated out for serious stuff (and pregnancy). Georgian dentists are good. - Apr 2017

Medical care at the Embassy is fine. But, for anything remotely serious, expect to get medically evacuated. - Feb 2017

Medical care can be marginal - May 2016

None. The hospitals are decent. - Jul 2014

Health care is quite poor in Georgia in general, though the U. S. Embassy had a good med unit. There are no significant health concerns, though it makes sense to get routine things taken care of prior to coming to Georgia to avoid the local health care system (dental fillings, etc). - Oct 2011

The Embassy has a full-time direct-hire nurse practitioner and a local doctor. There are medical facilities around the city. - Sep 2011

Healthcare is of a pathetic standard and expensive. Doctors are generally awful and not up to date. GO TO ISTANBUL FOR CHECK UPS. - Apr 2011

You will get Tbilisi tummy. The Health Unit at the embassy is GREAT! - Jun 2010

Medical care is a little sketchy, but apparently dentistry is good. Come prepared for your own special needs, though, as most major problems will get you medevac'd. - Oct 2009

Um, yeah. Just pray you or your family members don't get sick. - Jan 2009

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