What are some typical ways to socialize, either with local people or with other expatriates? Are there groups or clubs that you can recommend?

Restaurants, cafes, and bars were popular pre-COVID. Now people are spending time exploring the outdoors. Georgia has amazing historic and nature places to visit. - Jun 2020

If you're young, energetic and like staying up all night, the club and techno scene is supposed to be great. Even if you're not young, you'll see that Georgians of all ages tend to stay up late. It's an enormously social culture, with food, wine and song part of any good evening. As I mentioned, IWA is a good way to socialize if you're a woman; I met many women from many different countries through this organization. - Jan 2019

The CLO does a lot of events that are family-oriented. In Vake, we tend to socialize independently of embassy events. - Apr 2017

The CLO does a really good job of organizing events for the embassy. There are weekend excursions, day outings, restaurant nights and shopping trips. There is also an international womens club that is quite active. - Feb 2017

Eating out for sure. - May 2016

There is always something to do in Tbilisi. - Jul 2014

Social life revolves largely around restaurants and dinner parties, though the growing number of singles at post are diversifying the social life. Many people take weekend trips in groups, and hiking is a popular weekend activity, as is visiting wineries. - Oct 2011

Plenty of nightclubs and shows/theater events. Home parties are popular. - Sep 2011

There is a very good social and theatre scene. Nightclubs on the weekends only. - Apr 2011

Food, wine, clubs. Many in the embassy community often get together on the weekends. - Jun 2010

Dinner/game parties at home. Make friends with some Georgians and have them become part of your life. It will make all the difference. - Jan 2009

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