What is the relative size of the expatriate community? How would you describe overall morale among expatriates?

This is a medium-size expat community. There are lots of places to go so you can be as plugged into the expat scene as you want to be. There are also events around children and hiking. - Jun 2020

Good morale. It's a beautiful country with lots to do and explore. Hundreds of people in the expat community, maybe even thousands and growing. - Jan 2019

Pretty large. Morale among those who tend to live downtown = very high. People who live in Zurgovani/Dighomi have a really different lifestyle than I do, so it's sort of hard to say how they feel. There are things that make me really happy (for example, my fruit market having spinach for the first time all year, and the Georgian fruit seller laughing at my excitement and then teaching me the Georgian word) that just don't happen to people in Dighomi/Zurgovani, because they buy all their produce from the grocery store. I think though, that everyone is pretty happy here. - Apr 2017

Overall morale is really good. Most people like the embassy and there are a good number of things to do around the country if you are willing to get out and about. - Feb 2017

More expats than I expected, most like it here quite a bit. - May 2016

The size of the expat community was smaller than we had expected. Morale was generally very good. - Jul 2014

Fairly large for a country the size of Georgia, though it gets a bit claustrophobic at times. The expat community tends to be active and inclusive of Georgians. - Oct 2011

Pretty big. - Sep 2011

good sized. - Apr 2011

Fairly large for such a small country - Jun 2010

Fairly small, but not too bad. - Oct 2009

A few hundred or so. - Jan 2009

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