Do you have any recommendations regarding mobile phones? Did you keep your home-country plan or use a local provider?

Cell phones with data are affordable. We use MAGTI. - Jun 2020

I made sure I had an unlocked phone with two SIM card slots, and kept my local (Magti) Georgian card in one slot, my ATT home phone in the other. It took awhile to get the hang of the Magti online site and loading money onto the SIM. I needed to talk to others who had more experience. - Jan 2019

We brought unlocked cell phones and used the SIM cards the embassy provided. For unlimited date, it's 60 lari/month. (~$25) - Apr 2017

We used unlocked iPhones and signed up for the local service. It was cheap. - Feb 2017

Pay as you go with data is available and relatively cheap. There are bill paying kiosks all over, where you can top off your cards. You can certainly get by without a contract plan here. - May 2016

There are lots of companies to choose from. - Jul 2014

SIM cards can be purchased very inexpensively, though I use a phone provided by the embassy, on which I can make calls to the U. S. for 10 cents per minute. - Oct 2011

Nope, easy to find and inexpensive. Everyone has them here. - Sep 2011

GEOCELL is the most reliable company. - Apr 2011

Cell phone service here is not a problem. Two different carriers with good service. - Jun 2010

You can buy phones/SIMs there without too much trouble. - Oct 2009

I had one from the Embassy--nobody uses voicemail which took some getting used to. Apparently if you have Magticom and your phone number starts with a "6" you can't have voicemail. Strange. You might consider purchasing a CDMA phone you like in the States, getting it unlocked, and bringing it with you. - Jan 2009

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