Would someone with physical disabilities have difficulties living in this city?

There are very few accommodations for people with physical disabilities. - Jun 2020

Oh, God, yes. Terrible city for anyone in a wheelchair. Uneven pavement, potholes, sidewalks that abruptly end or don't exist at all, uneven stairs, and no elevators to get to metro or to cross highways -- it's hard for even for the able-bodied and a nightmare for the disabled. There are lobbying groups trying to pass legislation, but for now, very difficult. - Jan 2019

It would be nearly impossible. - Apr 2017

This would not be an easy city to live in for someone with a disability. Nearly impossible. - Feb 2017

Yes. Nothing is planned for disabled folks. Getting around could be tough. - May 2016

It's getting better, but there are still many sidewalks where a wheelchair would have problems and most businesses didn't accommodate. - Jul 2014

Very difficult. . .while some minor efforts have been made to accommodate wheelchairs these accommodations are rather misguides (ramps too steep to be utilized, etc). Sidewalks are more often than not broken and uneven, and there is little in the way of accommodation for visual or audio disabilities. - Oct 2011

LOTS, streets are all uneven and very few ramps. - Sep 2011

There are about 5km of good sidewalks in all of the city, so don't come here if you are disabled. - Apr 2011

Tremendous difficulties. I would not recommend that anyone with physical disabilities live here. - Jun 2010

Many. Sidewalks are in poor condition in the few places where they do exist. It's not a very walking-friendly city. - Oct 2009

I think I saw two wheelchairs on the street the whole time I was there. - Jan 2009

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