Santo Domingo - Post Report Question and Answers

Is high-speed home Internet access available? How long does it typically take to install it after arrival?

Yes, can take some time to install. - Sep 2023

Start the process before your arrival. Good quality connection. Bring plenty of Wi-Fi extenders to be able to expand the signal through concrete walls. - Oct 2021

Yes, high-speed internet is available, affordable, and works well. It can take a few days to a week for installation. - Jan 2021

Yes, US prices - Jul 2019

Yes, easy to set up if you speak Spanish or have a local assist you. Speed is excellent, I pay approximately $80 dollars for a triple play package (100MBPS, phone, and cable). - Jan 2019

Yes, easy to set up, generally fast and reliable and cheap (I paid $40 per month for 10 MBPS + cable). - Nov 2016

Yes, US$30-50/month might cover it. - Apr 2016

Yes, there is a range of costs but I think you can expect to pay upward of $60/month with Claro or Orange. Pretty reliable. - Jan 2016

Yes anywhere from US$75 and higher. - Jan 2016

Yes. Average U.S. costs. Just be prepared for daily power outages. Yes, there is a generator but you have to wait for everything to boot up again. It can be frustrating but you get use to it. - Aug 2015

Yes. From US$40-100 a month and usually solid and fast. - Aug 2015

Yes, I pay about US$135/per month for phone, internet and cable with DVR. - Aug 2014

Yes, we have very good internet. It costs about $80/month for internet and TV. - Jul 2013

Yes. About $70 per month for cable and internet. We can usually watch Netflix via the internet. - Apr 2013

Yes. There are two basic providers: Claro and Tricom. Tricom is smaller and has better customer service. Claro is a nightmare. Expect to wait in long lines to receive service or pay your bills. Both of these companies take some time to set up service in the home. There are frequent internet outages, but we can stream video with no problems when it's up and running. We pay around $50/month, but most people pay more because they have cable and other services included. - Apr 2013

Yes, variations in speed/access, but reasonable price. - Jan 2013

Yeah...not very fast and $40/month. - Jun 2012

Available, our 6Mb down/1.5Mb up plan is about $90/mo. but worth it. There are cheaper options. - Mar 2012

Yes, good internet access at reasonable costs. We pay around $100 per month for cable/internet/phone package. - Feb 2012

yes, relatively cheap but service is terrible - Feb 2012

Yes - 40 US month - Oct 2011

Yes. it can be spotty but it's fast. Expect to pay $50 USD per month for internet alone. - Jun 2011

Yes available and about $70/month including phone. Pretty reliable. - May 2011

yes, expensive about 75-100 dollars per month - Nov 2010

DSL and Cable internet are available, but both are expensive. - Aug 2010

It is available and you can expect to pay the same amount as in the States. - Jun 2010

Yes. About 50 USD per month. - May 2009

Yes, if a higher-cost company is used, it's reliable. - Nov 2008

Yes--decent service at typical cost. - Oct 2008

Yes. Reasonable cost. - Aug 2008

Yes, both cable and ADSL. Varying costs based on speed. A mid-level ADSL plan is roughly US$45/month. - Jun 2008

Yes. I pay for broadband about US$80. - Feb 2008

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