Santo Domingo - Post Report Question and Answers

Are local sports classes and/or activities available for kids?

Not many - Jun 2024

Not many - Sep 2023

Baseball, soccer, but the commute is long. - Oct 2021

You can learn to surf, dive, anything on the water. - Jul 2019

Not sure. - Jan 2019

. - Nov 2016

Not a wide range, but kids can join soccer or baseball teams. Many kids learn water sports, including sailing, diving, snowboarding, etc. - Apr 2016

Other than soccer or activities for young kids I would say no. - Jan 2016

Yes. - Aug 2015

Yes. Plentiful. - Aug 2015

Yes, schools and organization are active in many Olympic type sports (swimming, volleyball, track & field, martial arts, archery, etc.). - Aug 2014

It has been somewhat challenging for us to find good quality sports programs. I think Carol Morgan and St. George have some, but our school did not. We joined Club Naco, which has 3 pools, tennis courts, basketball courts, etc. for a great monthly rate for diplomats. They do have some sports programs but they are not high quality. It can be hard to find quality swimming programs. - Jul 2013

Yes, mainly through the schools. - Apr 2013

Neighborhood clubs are a good option, or through schools. - Jan 2013

Tennis, riding, golf, and any water sport would be the best options. - Jun 2012

Unsure. - Jun 2012

This is difficult to answer...We have found that all of the options are geared towards kids who are 7 and older. Some of the clubs have activities for younger kids, but they are heavily split across gender lines (i.e. karate for boys and gymnastics for girls). - Mar 2012

Yes, lots via the schools. - Feb 2012

yes but are terrible, there is a gymboree, but the thing is that dominican workers are mostly very lazy, and distracted all the time in their cell phones even teachers,they are also very rude on kids like the teacher of swimming classes yells to my boy dying boy, I had to set him straight, but others moms specially dominicans don't think is wrong even dominican kids laugh at being told that,services are poor and that includes the limited things or activities that there are for kids, come packed with material to distract your kids at home. - Feb 2012

Yes, at school - Oct 2011

I've heard that there is baseball, gymnastics, and swimming. - Jun 2011

Yes - May 2011

yes - Nov 2010

Not really. - Aug 2010

Yes. They are available through the schools, and those would be in English. Any other local programs would be taught in Spanish. - Jun 2010

Some facilities, but again: at school it can be a bad experience for gringo kids. - May 2009

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