Santo Domingo - Post Report Question and Answers

Is this a "shopping post"? Are there interesting handicrafts, artwork, antiques, or other items that people typically buy there?

No - Jun 2024

no - Sep 2023

No. - Oct 2021

Art. - Feb 2021

Not really. I didn’t find anything that was particularly unique to the country. - Jan 2021

Nothing here is really worth taking home, in my opinion. - Jan 2019

Yes, although most commercial stores are more expensive than the United States, there are some local handicrafts and beautiful larimar and ambar jewelry. - Nov 2016

The best art is from Haiti. Some of that stuff is really spectacular. - Apr 2016

Nothing here is really worth taking home, in my opinion. - Jan 2016

Nothing worth spending it on. - Jan 2016

Cigars - Aug 2015

Amber and Larimar. - Aug 2014

Larimar (beautiful blue mineral found only here), amber, coffee, - Jul 2013

Larimar and Amber. - Apr 2013

Tourism. - Apr 2013

Enjoying the countryside. - Jan 2013

Rum. Cigars. - Jun 2012

Beach vacations, excellent rum (Barceló), cigars, crafts. - Mar 2012

Larimar and amber jewelry. Rum. Artisan items. - Feb 2012

Dominicans are not crafty the art work is done mainly by haitians or Ecuadorians, but I guess if you like Ambar or Larimar. - Feb 2012

Beer - Presidente. - Oct 2011

Presidente or Brugal... - Jun 2011

Ambar or Larimar but is that really unique? - May 2011

dont bother, buy the same thing on amazon for 30% less. - Nov 2010

Rum. Forget the cigars, the best ones are for export only…but you can find excellent rum. - Aug 2010

Rum. - May 2009

There're masks and things, and if you know where to look, you can find really good art. - Nov 2008

Typical tourist things like cigars, rum, cheap paintings, jewlery, etc. Nothing incredibally expensive, though. - Oct 2008

Rum. - Feb 2008

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