Santo Domingo - Post Report Question and Answers

If you move here, you can leave behind your:

winter gear. - Sep 2023

Winter gear. - Oct 2021

Winter clothes. - Jan 2021

Common sense and manners...certainly leave behind your expectations of living in paradise. - Jan 2019

Careful, cautious driving habits. - Nov 2016

Warm clothes. - Apr 2016

Expectations that you will be living in a peaceful Caribbean paradise. Santo Domingo is a noisy, crowded (with cars, mostly) dirty (people just throw trash and garbage on the sidewalk, in the street, in the gutters, etc.) big city (2 million people). - Jan 2016

Expectations of everything. I can't fully explain why this tour was so difficult but I can tell you we were one of many, many that would say the same. - Jan 2016

Way of thinking things in a logical way and definitely your driving etiquette. - Aug 2015

Road rules. - Aug 2015

Attitude, winter clothes. - Aug 2014

winter clothes and bad attitude. - Jul 2013

expectations that things will always run smoothly and on time. - Apr 2013

winter gear, sense of urgency, obedience to traffic laws, work ethic, and sense of security. - Apr 2013

Winter clothes. - Jun 2012

Winter clothes, expectations of customer service, American punctuality. - Mar 2012

Winter clothes! - Feb 2012

expectations for good service - Feb 2012

Car - sell it for your US purchase price. - Oct 2011

Sweaters, rum, and expectations that Santo Domingo looks like Punta Cana. - Jun 2011

Driving manners, expectation that people will simply be courteous, and jackets/coats. - May 2011

winter clothes - Nov 2010

Camping gear. The Dominican Republic is not safe enough to feel comfortable camping. - Aug 2010

kid's bikes, roller skates, etc. as there are no sidewalks or safe roads to ride them on. - Jun 2010

anything of value and your sense that your kids will meet wonderfull little Dominican kids. - May 2009

Love of good customer service. - Nov 2008

Desire for things to function efficiently, practically, and safely. - Oct 2008

Sanity when driving. Driving conditions are very bad and unlike anything I've ever seen, even in developing countries. Not a good way to start and end each workday. - Aug 2008

Expectations. - Jun 2008

Your sense of humour. - Feb 2008

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